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The “office” and “productivity” have not always been synonymous. That’s changing with the increasing use of social technology in the workplace. And social is poised to unlock not only productivity, but also resources.

“An average knowledge worker spends an estimated 28 hours a week managing e-mail, looking for internal information or tracking down colleagues who can help with specific tasks,” states a study from McKinsey. Indeed, social media and social communications tools are reshaping and redefining the workplace.

McKinsey reports that there is an estimated $1.3 trillion in untapped value from social technologies to be found in “improved communications and collaboration within and across enterprises.”

Many factors have aligned to support the growing use of social in the enterprise. One of the biggest is the consumerization of IT: Clunky and often unwieldy enterprise software applications are getting a makeover or getting replaced altogether by powerful new communication tools that are freely available. In addition, business applications are increasingly incorporating Facebook-like features such as news feeds and likes. Read more ›

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It’s happened to all of us…we are on a call, an audio conference or collaboration session and we need to switch to another device on the fly. What typically happens then?

When working mobile, our own user research shows that almost half of us “always or frequently” find themselves connecting, disconnecting and reconnecting across different devices and networks during the course of an online session or conversation. What’s more, only 13% report that this never really happens to them. So, coming up with a smarter and more fluid way to transition between devices and networks, without the disruption and nuisance of dropping out and reconnecting, has great potential to help both user and team productivity.

Enter seamless transitions.  Yes, the word “seamless” may have ranked among the most overused words in the business lexicon lately – but no other word better describes the ability to move a conversation or session among devices fluidly and easily, and with nobody else knowing you did it! Nobody has to know you have transitioned from your laptop, desktop browser, smart phone, tablet, home phone and/or desk phone.  And you don’t have to miss valuable continuity in the conversation or content while you were trying to reconnect. Read more ›

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WebRTC provides a simple, secure and reliable way for teams to collaborate from a browser. In our latest infographic we take a look at the impact of this technology on team collaboration.  Read more ›

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Nowadays it seems that everyone has a Smartphone or a tablet and the power of the cloud is unleashing a new generation of apps which enable sharing and collaboration like never before.

Within the enterprise many apps promise to improve productivity but don’t always live up to the hype. To separate the good apps from the bad and the ugly we’ve asked #anywhereworker’s from around the world to tell us which are the ones that will really be making a positive difference to their daily working lives this winter. Read more ›

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This weekend we supported former F1 Champion Emerson Fittipaldi as he returned to the track for the FIA World Endurance Championship leg in Brazil.

The world’s best racing drivers know how to perfectly apply a race team’s technology and capabilities to best effect on a specific race-track.   Without an intimate understanding of the needs of the track, a team can’t win. Careful preparation, innovation and continuous reinvention are the hallmarks of a race legend, and these same principles apply to winning for Unify. Read more ›

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A recent Unify blog mentioned the New Way to Work (NW2W) has come of age, as more and more enterprise communications and social collaboration vendors come forward with new solutions and services to enable the NW2W. But, we have also found that the NW2W is emerging quickly into the foreground of public discourse and civic policy.

The Greater Toronto Area, with its population of over six million, has a traffic gridlock problem along with an under-developed public transit system.  Getting around has become increasingly difficult – to the point where transportation became the central issue on our last municipal election. Read more ›

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