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What did you want to be growing up?
Since I could not be Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I wanted to be an astronomer just like Jodie Foster’s character in “Contact”. Every time I went to the library, I would check out books on the universe and spend hours staring at the pictures. I even had an outer space themed bedroom.
My career path changed in high school when I realized I loved words far more than numbers. Communication took over as my passion; I have been equally obsessed with researching and crafting messaging strategies ever since.

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Unify launched #Circuit in October of 2014.  Internally, Unify has been using Circuit for over a year.  Circuit has been the key tool to Unify’s transformation to a software and services, channel focused, organization.  We would not have achieved all that Unify has achieved thus far in our transformation without Circuit.  We experience the joy of use, the focus, and the productivity associated with Circuit, every day.

Today, as an example, I held an internal Marketing team town hall for over 100 people.  No central office, no video conferencing rooms, no dedicated bandwidth, and it worked brilliantly.  We shared presentation materials, and the participants were true participants.  People posted comments, added links and ideas to the conversation real time, truly collaborating on how to improve certain aspects of our global Marketing strategy, real time, globally.  People were on desktops, laptops, iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Microsoft Surface(s), and much more, all invested and involved.  The energy level was high, and everyone felt part of what was happening, rather than being lectured to.  Multiple people presented, and it worked flawlessly.

Just a short example of what we know our Circuit customers are experiencing every day.  It really is the New Way to Work (#NW2W).  I just had to share with you this experience.  #Circuit truly changes the way people work and collaborate.

If you are not already trialing Circuit, click here to get started!

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Healthcare organisations around the world are deploying Unify’s solutions to support the delivery of world-class healthcare. These healthcare providers are leveraging our technology to deliver an enhanced patient & carer experience. We’ve highlighted a few of these healthcare providers to demonstrate how they’re benefiting from our technology…


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I am in the US – It’s the Monday after Easter, I am posting this late in the day, it’s opening day (last night doesn’t really count) – the Yankees are on, today is the FIRST REAL DAY OF SPRING IN NY and the Final Four is on tonight.  So, I will keep this light.

Listening to Bloomberg today the analyst was talking about the glut of millennials that are hitting the labor force, and the exponential effect this will have once they start reaching the age of 30, settling down, buying house, taking out mortgages, buying furniture, etc.  Also this morning, the WSJ had an article on the threat the “cord cutting” culture will have on cable stalwarts like The Weather Channel.  So, the simple question is – are the same people who are cutting the cable really going to be just like the baby boomers who, when they hit 30 – settled down, bought a house, took out a mortgage, bought furniture, etc.?  The generation that has been born into a newly defined (still not completely defined) services based culture of Uber and AirBnB – are they really going to act like their parents when they hit 30?  I doubt it.

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None of what I am about to say is new, but here we are in the second decade of digital marketing, and we still collectively are not where we should be.  It is incredible to me the amount of “marketing email” I get, even after the spam filter has cleaned out all the real bad junk.  As a CxO, I know my name is out there, in lists being sold every day.  I know this, because I get junk mail telling me I can buy the names of other CxO’s.  But the amount of mis-directed email coming to me continues to grow.  Read more ›

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I woke up this morning and realized I have wandered a bit off course with this daily blogging effort. So it’s time to try and get back into the habit. Not sure I can get back to every day, but…one day at a time.

The last few weeks have been crazy busy for Unify as we have been at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Enterprise Connect in Orlando and CeBIT in Hannover showing off #Circuit, the Bluelight project and some incredibly exciting innovations in our OpenScape portfolio.

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