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In recent research conducted by CIO Magazine, in association with enterprise content management and collaboration platform Box, UK large enterprise CIOs shared their progress and priorities for mobilizing the digital workforce. We’ve summarized these findings into our graphic below – take a look.  Read more ›

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Today we’ve announced expanded availability of our innovative Circuit business collaboration solution to even more countries. Initially offered in the US, UK and Germany, this latest phase expands Circuit availability to over 30 countries – the majority of them throughout Europe. Our partners are excited about the opportunity, and with the free 30 day trials, many are actively and aggressively selling.

As you know, Circuit is ideally suited for today’s highly mobile workers – those who work remotely or with team members across multiple locations, and/or those who spend lots of time collaborating across the team with files, information, and context as an integral part of these fluid meetings.

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At Unify, we pride ourselves on our tireless pursuit to evolve and enhance the way in which organizations and their staff communicate/collaborate among themselves and with their customers to deliver a better user/customer experience. However, we remain acutely aware that any technology solution, regardless of stable, can only be effective if the user communities can apply it to their daily lives. So – user adoption is critical and if you think along the same lines as Unify, then it is the only true barometer of a technology’s success. I’m sure this is no surprise to you,  but despite this, we seldom see organizations really engage their users and make them an integral part of the project and preparing them for what will come  (beyond a few hours of basic training).  This is very much the case in the area of Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) projects, and as a result, much of UC’s promise goes unfulfilled as poorly prepared staff, quickly become frustrated by the new solution and rapidly default to their normal (out dated) working practices. So what’s the answer?

One Step at a Time

During my 6 years of being one of the UC Ambassador’s at Unify, I have been dutifully executing and perfecting our unique, multiple phase, user mastery program that establishes users at the forefront of any new technology deployment project to ultimately help ensure a successful outcome.

Now, this blog does not furnish me with scope to go into the detail behind our Mastery program, but it does allow me to address the most common question I get asked  - “Where do we start”? For me, the answer is simple – you must take each and every future user on an (inclusive) journey of discovery that starts from the very day the contract is signed and keeps going long after the last user has been on-boarded. Key to the success is making the technology meaningful for the users, and leading them one step at a time. So, we begin with an Awareness activity that ensures  all employees are both aware and appreciate of these three elements  - (1) the organizational vision that led to this procurement, (2) the investment and ultimately, the  business benefit that the solution will deliver, and finally (3) what part each and every employee is expected to play to ensure complete success. What’s more this should be completed within the first 3 weeks of a new IT project.  Now, how many IT projects can say they do this?

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We’re constantly releasing new features for Circuit, here’s some of the latest and where to find them.

Mute All
Trying to control a big conference call can be well trying… So to make it nice and easy we’ve introduced a new mute all button so you can talk without all the background noise. This is a test feature so you can find it under Circuit Labs. Once it’s switched on you can find the button under the elipses (…) on any voice/video/screenshare call.

The new moderation button allows you to limit who can join a conversation so on those rare occasions you need to keep something between a small group you can. You can find this at the top of any conversation. Read more ›

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Yesterday I talked about some of the things I had learnt while visiting Silicon Valley last week. today I wanted to delve deeper into on of the things that always strikes me most when visiting the valley and that’s organisation culture.

One of the things I love about Unify is the culture, it’s a trusting, open, fun place to work even though we rarely see it each other while working from anywhere. So when I’m visiting other businesses and organisations often the thing that resonances with me most is seeing organisational culture in action.

Organisational culture means different things to different people, to me it’s how the environment and people within an organisation are able to express themselves. In the valley you tend to see some of the most extreme organisation cultures. Whether that’s the Pergs at the Music Startup which create funding for individuals to create groups within the organisation, or the Foosball league at the co-working space which takes a priority over other work. Read more ›

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When you work in tech there is nothing quite like a visit to Silicon Valley to bring home exactly where you are and whats going on in your industry. Last week I had the chance to pop in and see the Circuit Pod in Santa Cruz and meet up with some startups to find out how team communications is working for them. Here are 5 things I learnt on this trip.

Pandora is huge. If you spend most of your time in Europe it’s hard to put a finger on just how big Pandora is in the US. It’s everywhere and ubiquitous just like Spotify is to us Europeans.

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