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If you have been following us in the Press, and reading blogs from the Unify Executive team you know that a lot is going on here with regards to changing how we approach the market, customers and partners. But now it’s time to talk about one thing that is not changing here at Unify. Something that’s in our engineering DNA. That is our commitment to quality and reliability in the solutions we are delivering today for enterprise customers.  The 2014 Gartner Corporate Telephony Magic Quadrant and Critical Capabilities assessment supports this in full measure.

I’m proud to say that once again the OpenScape Enterprise is in the Leaders Quadrant for Corporate Telephony. But let’s get beyond the graphic of the dots and take a look at the more in-depth analysis of OpenScape Enterprise by Gartner. The Critical Capabilities assessment for each vendor looks at seven key capabilities for a Corporate Telephony solution. Here once again the scores for OpenScape Enterprise confirmed our commitment to providing a highly reliable communications solution designed to Carrier Grade standards (see table below). Read more ›

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3 Minute Read: Redefining the Human Work Experience

Over the course of the year, the Unified Communications (UC) industry has undergone incredible shifts. Players have transitioned from being hardware to software centric, strived to acquire their competitors, and restructured their sales and channel models. The tumultuous nature of the market is a huge indication the industry recognizes that there is a need for communications and collaboration technology that enables teams to easily work together regardless of location.

Recent announcements from Unify, Cisco, BlackBerry, IBM and Facebook demonstrate tremendous momentum in the industry. UC industry players are joining the New Way to Work (NW2W) party. The “New Way to Work” (#NW2W) has been part of Unify’s strategy, branding and messaging since October 2013, and we are pleased to see others joining in the conversation.


People collaborating around a laptop

The #newwaytowork

Organizations are understanding that today’s workers want to work where and how they want, with technology as the enabler that makes it easy and seamless for them to do so. In fact, Unify’s New Way to Work research* shows that 94% of the most successful teams include remote workers, and 43% of employees surveyed would take flex work over a 10% pay increase**. The New Way to Work isn’t coming—it’s here. And organizations that don’t get onboard stand to lose their best talent.

This is why Unify has been focused on the human element of collaboration and communication since day one. We see the industry remaining too focused on the technology and hope others will join us in our intense exploration of the complexities of the human condition as it relates to the New Way to Work.

The science and the art of the NW2W isn’t about tacking bells and whistles on to existing products, cobbling together acquisitions, or swapping from one technology platform to another. Rather, it requires thoughtful innovation to develop new technology from scratch, with a completely fresh view of how people work, how they can optimize productivity and, ultimately, introduce joy into the process.

Leading this New Way to Work conversation since our rebrand in October 2013, Unify has had the foresight to map technology to the work habits of today and tomorrow’s professionals by starting with humans—not technology. Workers shouldn’t be forced to adapt to multi-modal systems that interrupt their workflow.  Gone are the days of “Frankensteined” and fragmented solutions where people waste time switching between disparate, unconnected apps in order to collaborate simply because the provider is so deeply invested in prior acquisitions that sewing together the investments becomes their strategy.

Developed after two years of extensive research with frog design on the human work experience, Circuit was created from scratch—a technology “tabula rasa” focused solely on how humans think and work. In creating Circuit, we stepped back and took a look at the way people work and the role that technology could play. Circuit was the result, combining art and science to work like the human brain does—through associations. It presents a completely fresh view on how humans work and a radical shift in the human work experience.

We’re proud to lead the industry in enabling the future of work. We’re looking forward to seeing where this new industry category for the New Way to Work goes, and the role that technology plays.

What is your definition of the New Way to Work? Are you living it? What are you looking for in your workplace technology? Tell us about it on Twitter @UnifyCo #NW2W.

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On October 28th, Unify officially launched Circuit, formerly Project Ansible.  Available to try and buy now in Germany, US and UK, Circuit is the result of two years of intensive study of people and work and the impact of technology on productivity.  As part of an agile design process, over 1,000 users were part of the beta testing program – and below is a collection of their feedback…

Over 80 percent of beta trial customers reported that Circuit had a very positive effect on collaboration with their businesses.  Don’t delay – sign up for your free trial now at www.yourcircuit.com

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2 Minute read – Technology News

Last week, I attended Websummit for the first time, and it was well worth the trip to Dublin, Ireland. Websummit is a vibrant industry event where small and large startups, venture capitalists, Fortune 500 companies and the global tech elite come together for three days to discuss the latest business and technology trends. The event is now in its fourth year – it started out with only 400 attendees and grew to host 20,000 attendees and 500 speakers. I’m sure it will be even bigger next year.

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Q&A between Unify’s CMO Bill Hurley and GigaOm’s Lead Researcher Stowe Boyd

Circuit, formerly known as Project Ansible, the greatly anticipated product from Unify, is finally here. At the WSJ.D Conference, CMO of Unify Bill Hurley spoke about the art and science of collaboration, then jumped on a #TwitterChat with GigaOm’s Stowe Boyd to discuss the new way to work (#NW2W).

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On October 28th, we launched Circuit (formerly known as Project Ansible) with our partner design firm frog in Munich. Circuit is our latest innovation built using webRTC to help people and teams work the way they want to. Catch up on some of the reaction and feedback since the product launch in our storify below.  Read more ›

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