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Every week during July and August we’re taking a look into how people are working today. So far we’ve talked about Workcations, Working on the Train, Co-Working and Working from Home. Today we’re exploring the rise of the coffee shop as an office or as the Guardian coins it the “coffice”.

When I was growing up coffee shops were few and far between, much more popular were Tearooms. I’m not knocking Tearooms, there is something quintessentially British about a family run Tearoom. But they were never places you would want to sit for hours working on a project. For a start they tended to be small and it was hard enough to have a conversation let alone talk business, not to mention the reality of no phones, internet or computers to inform the discussion.

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It “… doesn’t disappoint” comments ICT System Engineer, Michael Deppert at the City of Zurich.

We find it to be an easy to use and intuitive system. It has, without a doubt, changed the way we work – for the better.” – says Telent’s Account Director Mike Barlow.

“If you flip through the apps on my phone, you’ll see that I’ve tried them all – and none of them offer what Circuit does in terms of ease of use, efficiency, and scalability.” – Leonard Pascual, President and CEO at A Sound Look.

So what’s so exciting about Circuit? It’s the user experience which enables a more productive and a natural way of collaborating. If you’re looking for a way to eliminate hours of wasted time every week, then take a look at what Dirk Röhrborn CEO at Communardo Software had to say when he first saw the user interface.

We may be biased, but we’d encourage you to explore Circuit when starting your next collaborative project. You and your team can try it for free here.

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One of the hottest topics in the future of work right now is the rise of the on-demand workforce and rightly so. 

The Freelancers Union estimates that 34% of the US workforce is already freelancing. That’s 53 million Americans and by 2020 it’s predicted to rise to 40%. So it should come as no surprise that futurists like Jacob Morgan are pointing to this as a defining dimension of the New Way to Work.

Strangely though, freelancing isn’t an entirely new concept. Pre the industrial revolution freelance workers were the most common working relationship between employer and employee.

Fast forward to the present day and we’re seeing a fundamental shift in the way people have been working, just take a look into any Starbucks and you’ll find digital natives head-buried into their laptops and mobile devices.

And the phenomenon is gaining momentum as a new generation takes over the workforce with their own views of career, purpose and life-style.

A study from Elance found that 87% of UK graduates see freelancing as a highly attractive career option. Sixty-nine percent say independent work offers better work-life balance. Read more ›

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Every Friday in July and August we’re exploring the world of flexible work, so far we’ve looked at workcations, working on a train and co-working. This week we’re going to take a look at working from home.

Since Marissa Mayer called time on remote working at Yahoo a few years ago you could be forgiven for thinking the work from home revolution had stalled. At the time the new policy was lambasted as going against the grain, at odds with research and detrimental to established WFH programs the world over. Mayer later explained her rationale – while employees were more productive working from home, Yahoo wasn’t suffering a productivity crisis it was suffering from a crisis of creativity and collaboration. She pointed to the Yahoo weather app that came about as the result of two software engineers working in the same office collaboratively one on Flickr and one on Weather. What ever you think about the decision now, it didn’t halt the work from home revolution, nor did it impact it that much in the long run.

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So over the last few weeks I have attended two great events, and I wanted to share what happened, why it matters and what‘s next. First stop was EnterConf in Belfast with Circuit PM Paul Maddison and Mark Smith  from our community engagement team. Paul had the opportunity to keynote and host a roundtable about Humanizing the Digital Workplace with Circuit. The other event was Tech Open Air in Berlin with Robert  from the PM team, which was all about engaging with the local and global startup ecosystem. Why is this relevant?

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Every Friday through July and August we’re taking a look at some of the ways the world of work is changing. So far we’ve looked at Workcations and Working on a Train. Today we’re looking at the world of Co-Working.

So let’s start at the beginning:

What is Co-Working?

Put simply Co-Working is working in a shared space with people who are typically not your colleagues. The space itself is often similar to a ultra modern office environment or geared towards a activity such as the creative arts. Such spaces attract a range of people from startup’s right through to corporate employees who work remotely.

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