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Starting tomorrow, the Circuit APIs will be in the hands of Ixperta, one of our long standing, trusted development partners based in Brno in Czech Republic. After three successful internal hackathons, this is the first time that #CircuitHack happens outside of our own development sites. Ixperta is excited about the upcoming event. Having used Circuit for more than a year in their day to day work, they are eager to get their hands on Circuit as a platform for application development.

Ixperta primarily focuses on developing OpenScape 4000 components and devices for Unify. Ixperta developers have great experience in SW development in telecommunications and now, as they are getting ready for the hackathon, they are looking forward to enhancing their skills especially in the area of developing cloud solutions and modern web applications. They see this interesting opportunity to apply their own user experience with Circuit in Ixperta and ideally convert it into new Circuit features, contributing to the Circuit ecosystem.

In addition, the general idea of a hackathon – to develop things that are fun, cool and innovative, without solely looking at the market potential – is motivating and attractive to Ixperta. Five teams consisting of approx. 25 developers are looking forward to spending 3 days of creative hacking and team building, while exploring the full potential of Circuit’s open interfaces as they are available for the developer community on http://developers.circuit.com.

Since its launch in March 2015, the Circuit developer community has been steadily growing, and the feedback from developers about the simplicity and the openness of the Circuit APIs, but also the variety of integration opportunities with Circuit has been impressive.

But its not just fun and games – a number of the recent Circuit hacks have been turned into real Circuit features that are being used by thousands of users every day. The voting feature (which is heavily used within Unify) is just one example. We are very curious to see what the Ixperta teams will present on Friday.

Watch out for our tweets #CircuitHack #CircuitDev.

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Providing highly usable collaboration tools creates massive benefits by enhancing the lives of the people who use them. The opportunity with Circuit goes far beyond that by allowing organizations to reinvent businesses processes with real-time collaboration at their core. See how some of our Circuit customers have changed the way they work with our technology…  Read more ›

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At one time, email was the most convenient (and easiest) tool available for business and personal communications. That’s no longer the case. Email still has a place in business, but collaboration tools and enterprise social networks provide richer, more inclusive platforms for sharing, updating and communicating.

Email comes up short on several fronts in today’s business.  It isn’t a natural form of communication. It isn’t real-time and it isn’t collaborative. Most professionals are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of emails received daily; according to the Radacati Group, business users send and receive on average 121 emails a day. That’s enough email that some users have resorted to ignoring messages. Read more ›

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In the world of the knowledge economy, time equals money and human productivity is king. The technology you use can either drag productivity down or raise it to new levels. We designed OpenScape Business with guidance from our SMB customers to help you make the best of every hour of every day. Check out these 5 OpenScape Business productivity hacks to see how.

Tip 1: Take control of your communications and set your availability
For many people, unplanned interruptions are the #1 productivity killer. Setting your presence minimizes those interruptions and lets you focus on what’s important, whether you’re in a meeting or just trying to write that report – presence means your co-workers can choose the best method and time to effectively communicate with you all because you’ve told them.

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Benefits of cloud computing for the Productivity Tools: The cloud enables tremendous flexibility and scalability. Cloud for productivity tools are all about subscription-based pricing, which eliminates the need to make a large up-front capital investment. Instead, users pay as they go, and they only pay for what they need. From a collaboration perspective, cloud-based productivity tools allow users to access data at anytime, via any device, generating greater efficiency and innovation. Unify harnesses all of these attributes of the cloud with both the OpenScape mobility platform and our newest solution — Circuit.   Read more ›

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Over the last few days I was lucky enough to visit Dublin and the technology conference Websummit. If you don’t already know Websummit is an annual gathering of the worlds top startups, digital organisations and other organisations with links to the technology world like sports and charities.

Overall it was a great event so I thought I’d round up some of the top things I’d learnt and share them with you.

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