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Welcome to the first installment of #FlexworkFridays our weekly look at new work styles and new ways to work.

I’ve been talking about new ways of working for quite a while now, even before I joined Unify. But today I wanted to talk about something different and that’s how the same technology that has opened up new ways of working is also opening up new ways of vacationing. Workcations as they known, are another way of working but with a vacation thrown in. Imagine if you will, instead of working from your home and coffee shop you instead jet off to a Mediterranean beach, where as well as working you learn how to surf or maybe; in the winter you head off up into the Rockies to do a bit of snowboarding in between conference calls.Maybe you go alone, with your partner or even as a team. The reality is technology allows it today, so it’s just a matter of convincing your boss it can work. To help you get started and inspire you I’ve pulled together some resources I’ve found interesting and helpful. 

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Every Friday in July and August we’ll be taking a fresh dive into modern workplaces and flexible working habits. Whether it’s exploring themes like Workcations visiting collaborative workspaces or meeting flexible workers wherever they may be. Flexwork Fridays will be a way of connecting you with the ways you could be working. You can follow along live on twitter using the hashtag #FlexworkFridays or check back here on our blog every Friday afternoon.

Join us tomorrow for our very first installment! Hope to see you there!

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It’s been less than a year since Unify announced its intention to transform into a channel-centric business. Today, Unify and ScanSource, who have recently signed a pan-European distribution partnership, is taking another major step to bringing this vision into reality. Starting with the UK region, the new agreement will see Unify’s entire range of unified communications (UC) and collaboration technologies form part of the ScanSource Communications portfolio. And it delivers substantial benefits on all sides – for Unify, ScanSource and – most importantly – for the partner community.

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Recently I visited our Development Lab in Athens, Greece and filmed a short video with Peter Kuerpick our EVP of Product House and some of his team.  The film explains the Dev Lab concept and the impact that agile development is having in Athens and our other five Dev Labs.

Although I understood the concept of agile, I had never really thought through the impact this philosophy has on the way teams are managed, the types of people that thrive in them and the way it changes the customer relationship.  I hope you also get some new insights from this video and look forward to your feedback.


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It’s always a great day when you launch a new solution.  You may have already seen the Unify press release announcing new solutions for SMB and mid-size enterprise companies. I wanted to share more details on why we are so excited about OpenScape Enterprise Express for mid-size companies.

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When Mary Meeker asks her team to pull together a few slides, I can only imagine the look of horror on their faces. Nonetheless the end result is 197 magnificent data filled slides that provide fascinating insights and analysis on the social and technology trends impacting communications and media.

Now while this year’s report shouldn’t be too much of a surprise it is concrete evidence that organizations can no longer afford to ignore digital disruption. As a social marketer I sense this in my day to day work but seeing the naked facts in these slides gives a crystal clear perspective…

Mobile-first is the new reality.  


Need more proof? Internet mobile usage is growing. 


Messaging apps are exploding and according to the “Queen of the Internet” will become the heart of mobile.

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