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We created Circuit to help teams work better.  We saw teams – and especially those who operate virtually – as a source of untapped competitive advantage and made sure Circuit would meet their requirements.

And have we succeeded?

Well take a look at feedback from our customers in the below graphic……

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Mobile World Congress is one of the busiest and noisiest events on the technology calendar. To help you make the most of your time, we’ve set out 7 quick reasons to visit us at Congress Square, Stand CS145:

1) Free tapas at 1pm every day (and maybe a small glass of wine to set you up for the afternoon sessions…)

2) Circuit. We’ve just released a new visual identity based on extensive user feedback and testing. You can read all about it on our blog here and check out an introductory Circuit video here. If you’re not familiar, make sure you come to our stand for a lightning fast demo.

3) We’re all about the New Way to Work and the on demand business model – we now expect colleagues to be contactable at all times and we expect the same from ourselves. To bring this to life, our booth represents a typical railway station and how our mobile applications enable people to stay connected and productive….it’s also got lots of chairs which (trust us..) is very good to know at such a busy event

4) The Mobile World Congress is not just about big corporations – it’s about how businesses of all sizes can communicate better in today’s highly competitive business environment – internally as well as with customers. We’re showing our award winning OpenScape Business and OpenScape Express portfolio – for a bit of background please visit our website here

5) A special shout out for developers – our open Circuit APIs are getting our development community excited. Led by our CTO, Stefan Reid, find out more via our community pages here

6) #MWC16 is our first major show since Unify officially became part of Atos and we’re excited about what the combination offers customers and partners. To find out what Atos is showcasing at the event – check out their show webpage here

7) Did we mention free tapas at 1pm…….seriously, come and see us……..we’ll be very happy to see you…

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Thanks to your feedback and extensive UX testing, over the last few months we’ve been busy working on a major improvement to the conversation feed in Circuit. We’ve been geekily, refering to this change as “The New Conversation Model”, and I’m pleased to say you can now start using this  by turning it on in Circuit Labs. (Settings->Circuit Labs->New Conversation Model)
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Eric Grall, EVP Managed Services at Atos explains the perfect synergy between Unify and Atos at Unify’s 2016 Analyst Summit. Catch up on the social coverage from his presentation and others below. Read more ›

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We’ve just completed our 2016 Analyst Summit in Bermuda, an extraordinary event, full of information on our progress and plans. It had the added excitement of our acquisition by Atos being completed and celebrated live during the event.

Check out our Storify summary of the two days, to re-live many of the highlights… Read more ›

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The first part of our Circuit Hackathon blog focused on our recent #CircuitHack in Brno. Now our attention turns to Paris and December’s TADHACK where Circuit had a starring role….

The Telecom Application Developer Hackathon (TADHACK) is a known organizer of the most popular hackathons around the world. Unify sponsored the recent TADHack in Paris, where developers could directly compare Circuit to multiple other WebRTC or collaboration solutions on the market. Three teams decided to focus on the Circuit APIs. Read more ›

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