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Meet Kai – This is his story and how Circuit helps him collaboration effortlessly wherever he is.

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We’ve had another fantastic show at Enterprise Connect 2015.  All of the action over the three days is captured in a summary of our social feeds.  Read, watch, listen, enjoy! Read more ›

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Today we announced our latest set of updates to Circuit, and boy is it exhilarating to see the updates drop every few weeks in true Agile fashion. So where are we at? We started Circuit with the base communication technology required for most people to manage their workdays. Since then, we’ve dropped 17 sprints extending that base out to bring even more essential features into Circuit’s single pane of glass. With this latest series of sprints we added the following functionality:

  • Circuit Enterprise Integrator:
    • Universal Telephony Connector – Connect Circuit to any SIP voice platform, and use it to make and receive telephone calls.
    •  Microsoft Exchange Contacts Connector – Allows you to import your exchange contacts and click to call them.
  • Box Connector - Share your Box files directly in Circuit.(More on that here)
  • Guest access – Easily and quickly invite people who don’t have Circuit to join your Circuit conversations.
  • Meeting Recording - Record audio calls made in Circuit and save them directly in your conversations.
  • Circuit Labs - A dedicated area for launching beta features and connectors.
  • Android - Coming in April.  For now we have the latest Alphas on show at both CeBIT and Enterprise Connect.
  • OpenXChange – Coming Soon. Collaborate on documents in real-time with your team. (More on that here)
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Our latest Circuit update includes a feature that I am particularly excited about, a integration with Box. Our customers can now connect their Circuit account to Box, allowing them to search for and share Box files within Circuit.
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Delivering the promise of a #NW2W Or Zen and the Art of the Collaboration

I manage a global marketing team at Unify. One of my core principles in work and communication is to be highly responsive. Feedback is important, but timely feedback is even more important. So I strive for fast response times, ensuring my team is supported and working on their top priorities. It’s a pretty simple philosophy – Don’t be a bottle neck to other people’s work-streams!

What I find is typically the biggest bottleneck for responsiveness is e-mail.  At the end of the day I don’t want my inbox to be larger than what my screen can show. So to achieve that goal I experimented, developed and adopted several strategies, in the hope of achieving this seemingly simple goal.  Each strategy temporarily cured the problem, but in the end the root cause was not addressed.  I had become a slave to my email inbox and it didn’t feel great. Receiving 500 or more emails a day with endless chains and sub streams, compounded by trying to pick the right priority, plus managing them all along with their attachments – there was simply too much non-productive work dedicated to low-value nonsense. It made the day longer and less fun.

I was fortunate to be involved early in the development of Circuit. It gave me the opportunity to stand back and think differently about this ever-present challenge with my email. Believe me – 45,000 emails per year can be quite a challenge. So my thinking developed along with that of Circuit – actively change your communication behaviour, let go of old habits and embrace new ways to communicate and collaborate.

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Unify made a developer community around its cloud based collaboration service Circuit available today. We are excited to open up a wide range of Circuit APIs now to external developers as a closed beta. This is a key step towards establishing Circuit as the leading collaboration Platform as a Service (cPaaS), and an industry first. Our CTO Stefan Ried gives a program overview at our newly established developer community developers.yourcircuit.com.

We are offering two sets of APIs. With one, you will be able to integrate your apps and services into the Circuit collaboration platform. That way, your customers can access capabilities and data you provide within the business collaboration context that Circuit provides. Second, we expose Circuit real-time capabilities like voice, video or chat through standard APIs so our technology partners, independent software vendors, or corporate developers can enhance their platforms and services with minimum development effort. We have already tested select APIs during a recent hackathon we have organized at our Athens R&D site with amazing first results, as you can read over at NoJitter.

Getting access to the APIs is easy: Visit developers.yourcircuit.com where you will be able to request a developer community membership. As a registered developer, you get access to the API documentation, code samples, descriptions of associated use cases, and a fully functional sandbox to test your integrations or Circuit based applications. We also provide support through Circuit conversations, as well as our comments to the new developer blog.

We are looking forward to see you and engage with you! If you have any further questions, please contact our developer community manager Eva Hoertrich or on Twitter #CircuitDev

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