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What a difference a year can make. At the beginning of 2014, I announced that this was the year for the New Way to Work (NW2W). As we expected, it was one of the most exciting times for the Unified Communications industry to date. Players transitioned from being hardware to software centric, strove to acquire their competitors, restructured their sales, and partner models as they vied for leadership. For Unify in particular, 2014 marked its shift from a hardware company to a true Software as a Service (SaaS) company, culminating in the launch of Circuit, where it delivered a radical shift in the human work experience. Read more ›

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Small and medium size businesses have long operated without dedicated IT departments and IT staff.  The owner and managers often determine their own IT needs, and set out to get those solutions deployed as they see fit (perhaps with help of their staff, consultants or local resellers).

So it was very interesting last week to attend a webcast by industry analyst firm Current Analysis (CA) that shed new light on the current buying dynamics and control over the technology budgets in the corporate enterprise market.   Read more ›

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After pulling a solid 12- to 14-hour shift in front of the computer, cranking out terrific work, most workers feel like they’re really killing it at work. And they may be, but employers should make sure they’re not killing themselves while they’re at it. While most people are aware of the dangers of living a sedentary lifestyle (increased disease, decreased life expectancy), many workplace cultures haven’t adjusted accordingly.

But healthier employees make better workers, and with the workplace wellness technology available today, there’s no reason not to create a more active, health-focused workplace. And there are numerous ways to go about it.

Treadmill Desks

Think the idea of an office full of treadmill desks is a little, well, odd? While the concept may conjure thoughts of human-sized hamster wheels all over the office, new research may just knock the silliness right out of that notion. A 2014 study found that treadmill workstations improved not only participants’ health, but also their productivity. Using a calculation of cost of treadmills and the productivity boost, TechCrunch declared the investment “worth it to a company’s bottom dollar” to outfit the whole office. Read more ›

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My undergraduate minor was in Sociology.  My undergraduate major was in Computer Science.  Back then it felt like two completely separate worlds that would never come together.  Now, they are two sides of the same coin, and are intertwined in everything we do here at Unify.  As referenced earlier, I have been engrossed in the book – “Pressed for Time: The Acceleration of Life in Digital Capitalism” by Judy Wajcman.  It has been a great resource in understanding the sociological impact of technology on humans and vice versa.  What you begin to realize as you read this book, and other articles on this topic, is that when we say “technology is taking over my life”, or “I have no work life balance” is how often we mistake the technology symptom for the real problem or disease.

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With extreme weather conditions at the forefront of everybody’s mind the ability to work from anywhere has never been so important. In these conditions working from home is not about convenience it’s about safety and avoiding any travel which isn’t essential. In our new webinar see how Circuit could help your team today in maintaining business continuity whilst minimizing the risks to team members. Read more ›

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Our new partner program has been designed around core principles to help your business grow, join us as we explore some of these in the graphic below. Read more ›

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Hello, with today’s press release, it’s public that I joined Unify’s product house as the CTO and head of technology strategy. And, before I get more questions on Twitter and LinkeIn than I can handle, I thought I’ll drop my first blog post in my new role. Friends already asked me…

why does a “phone equipment vendor” hire an analyst known for cloud platforms, PaaS, modern software architecture and communities or general software vendor strategy?

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