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At one time, email was the most convenient (and easiest) tool available for business and personal communications. That’s no longer the case. Email still has a place in business, but collaboration tools and enterprise social networks provide richer, more inclusive platforms for sharing, updating and communicating.

In fact, some businesses report that email is becoming a major drag on productivity. A study by McKinsey Global Institute found the average person spends 28% of the workweek on emails. Time is money, and that’s a lot of time and money to lose.

Email comes up short on several fronts in today’s business ecosystem. It isn’t a natural form of communication. It isn’t real-time and it isn’t collaborative. Most professionals are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of emails received daily; according to the Radacati Group, business users send and receive on average 121 emails a day. That’s enough email that some users have resorted to ignoring messages. Read more ›

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We are told that the economy is getting better and from seeing the quantity and quality of cars parked at the Convergence Summit last Thursday 9th October that is certainly true. Something has got better, and you can feel it in the air. Where companies has been sitting on the fence not investing in their communications capability they are now looking and buying new solutions. Questions they face are, “do I just buy the same again, from the same vendor? Or do I look at the market?”

From what I saw last Thursday there is a huge amount of interest in Unified Communications, SIP trunking and mobile working. I visited the joint Unify/ Nimans stand where we had the latest OpenScape Business release and plus the latest and greatest Unify offers to small and medium sized businesses. Nimans reported that it’s been a busy show with a lot of interest in what Unify can now offer a SMB and to partners. I also participated a panel debate in the main auditorium entited “Collaboration Apps in Action”) with some other vendors and a channel partner.

As you would expect, we answered some challenging questions from the audience but what was clear that UC is now seen as simple and cost effective; many businesses are now asking for UC, in many ways driven by the ‘smart-phone’ and ‘app’ culture, but also that UC is now mature and affordable. It is almost like when we first looked at IP telephony, UC has got to that stage where it’s reliable and effective. We also discussed that the success of UC was not about technology but about adoption within business processes, not just providing technology to people but capability to people. Read more ›

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Today we have announced a key next step in our ongoing transformation – the launch of our new global partner program.

In June, we stated our goal of becoming a channel centric organization and our new Partner Program is another key part the foundation.  We currently transact around 25% of our revenue through our partners and our goal is to increase this figure to 45% within 2 years.   We have made the necessary investment in people, including a new channel regional management team, our portfolio, and our business model. Now with our new program – we are in full on execution mode.

Simply called the Unify Partner Program – the name sets the tone for the program itself. The primary objective is to be simple, straightforward and consistent across the world.         Read more ›

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As I write this blog with my dog by my side, preparations are heavily underway for our first analyst conference as Unify – which will take place October 22-24th in the beautiful City of Scottsdale, Arizona.

I wanted to share with you a glimpse of what our attendees can expect and also let you know how you can follow the action as it unfolds.  We last gathered this group of market experts together in June last year to (among other things) share plans for our new brand and also provide the first glimpse of Project Ansible. I can safely say that feedback was extremely positive and thanks to the wonder of social media – you can see some of the reactions here.

There is no doubt a global analyst event represents a big investment – especially in terms of time for both vendor and the analysts who travel and block out their calendars.  It does raise the question – with all our technology that promotes virtual working (and with the majority of briefings taking place remotely) – do we actually need a face-to-face gathering?  Well in my opinion (and I hope I speak for the majority) the answer is a definite yes.   But the agenda needs to offer something special and “hands on” that warrants the time and investment of travel. We believe we have just that. Read more ›

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Millennials are the most mobile generation ever, which is fundamentally changing the way work happens.  Technology has ended the nine to five workday, while millennials have companies rethinking flexibility, meetings and office spaces.

In this infographic, we examine just how deep their relationship with mobile goes and how equally deep an impact their dedication (and reliance) to mobile technology has on the workplace.  Read more ›

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I’m a #anywhere worker. Put simply – I work where I want to work to do what I need to get done – and where my team needs me to be. The location just isn’t a factor – it could be coffee shops, home, office, motorway services etc… I do find myself an expert on the various free wifi spots which thankfully seem to be increasingly ever present.

And I know that I am not alone.. Read more ›

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