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Sometimes a number of trends or research findings arrive around the same time. Perhaps they are unrelated, but they are still interesting or startling enough to make you stop and think about them.

So in this article, I want to share four things I recently came across that made me stop and think – hopefully you will find them interesting and thought provoking as well.

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77% of us believe that collaboration with colleagues and clients through technology is a critical element to the day to day running of our businesses

 For years people have said the way we are communicating within business is changing. It has been a staple point of view in the tech world. But today, we’re seeing renewed excitement in the conversation about communications. Why? The answer is two-fold: Read more ›

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Earlier today Sheila McGee-Smith talked up some of our recent announcements here at Unify. It’s a great feeling to feel the ship turning but sometimes the shift can be imperceptible to the outside world so I’m thrilled to see Sheila and our wider community noticing the turn. I’ll be quick today but I just wanted to reiterate Sheila’s article and reinforce that you “ain’t seen nothing yet”.

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If you look at the technology used in the consumer space over the past decade, you will see an unmistakeable trend towards software technology adapting to the behaviour of people. Can you imagine a mobile app that came with an instruction manual? Of course not, the concept is alien. Gone are the days a new piece of consumer software comes with a lengthy and complex instructional manual – the cryptic software packages like Lotus Notes of yesteryear are gone for good, replaced by slick intuitive technology.

It used to be that enterprise technology led consumer tech trends, but it is increasingly enterprise that is taking pointers from consumer technology trends. As such, we will increasingly see enterprise software providers follow suit, providing people centric technology solutions. In fact, we are already seeing some of the most traditional business software vendors now placing emphasis on user interface design and user experience. Team Communications and Collaboration technology is no different and is also undergoing the same journey. Read more ›

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What did you want to be growing up?
Since I could not be Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I wanted to be an astronomer just like Jodie Foster’s character in “Contact”. Every time I went to the library, I would check out books on the universe and spend hours staring at the pictures. I even had an outer space themed bedroom.
My career path changed in high school when I realized I loved words far more than numbers. Communication took over as my passion; I have been equally obsessed with researching and crafting messaging strategies ever since.

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Unify launched #Circuit in October of 2014.  Internally, Unify has been using Circuit for over a year.  Circuit has been the key tool to Unify’s transformation to a software and services, channel focused, organization.  We would not have achieved all that Unify has achieved thus far in our transformation without Circuit.  We experience the joy of use, the focus, and the productivity associated with Circuit, every day.

Today, as an example, I held an internal Marketing team town hall for over 100 people.  No central office, no video conferencing rooms, no dedicated bandwidth, and it worked brilliantly.  We shared presentation materials, and the participants were true participants.  People posted comments, added links and ideas to the conversation real time, truly collaborating on how to improve certain aspects of our global Marketing strategy, real time, globally.  People were on desktops, laptops, iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Microsoft Surface(s), and much more, all invested and involved.  The energy level was high, and everyone felt part of what was happening, rather than being lectured to.  Multiple people presented, and it worked flawlessly.

Just a short example of what we know our Circuit customers are experiencing every day.  It really is the New Way to Work (#NW2W).  I just had to share with you this experience.  #Circuit truly changes the way people work and collaborate.

If you are not already trialing Circuit, click here to get started!

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