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Today marks the end of this run of our #FlexworkFriday series, but never fear we’re just taking a hiatus and the next series will be launched before you know it!

Today I wanted to reflect on some of the things we have talked about over the last few weeks, and what it all means. We have a simple mantra here at Unify, we believe the world of work is changing, it’s becoming more distributed, less restricted and more integrated with life. We call it the #NewWaytoWork and we built #Circuit to help organisations across the world to work in these new ways.
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Over the last few weeks we’ve been focused on new styles of work, today I wanted to introduce the idea of new jobs into the equation with a list of 10 jobs that exist today that didn’t just 10 years ago.

All these jobs interact directly with how Flexible work has developed over that time period as well.

Digital Risk Officer - Risk is a key function within many large enterprise organisations, systems and processes have popped up around it to support everything managing project risk to credit risk. Digital Risk is a a relatively new concept though, in the past IT security was something for the IT business to manage, but as increasing amounts of data is being held in the cloud and on personal devices the approach to securing that data has had to become more holistic – that’s where your Digital Risk Officer comes in.
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Over the last few weeks we’ve covered lots of new ways that work is evolving. Today I wanted to talk a little about one of the key drivers of some of these new ways to work. – work life integration.

We hear a lot about work life balance and certainly for a few years now that seems to have been the principal goal of flexible working arrangements. Whether it’s being able to look after the kids while at home working or being able to start work early and leave early to be able to get to that Yoga class, we’ve all been striving for balance.

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Managing seasonal peaks, staff shortages or looking to ensure business continuity in your contact center?  We’ve got you covered in the cloud.

It’s time to be completely honest; you’ve worked hard to build up a reputation for customer service. But how would your hard earned reputation affected if you were no longer able to provide service and support to your customers? What would you do if you were inundated with calls that you simply couldn’t manage?

Lots of organizations have to manage wide variations in contact volumes. For example, it’s that time of year again in the UK where universities are swamped with calls from students. Once the school exam results are published, young hopefuls find out if they have the grades to take them to the college of their choice. The fortunate ones are calling to confirm places and book accommodation, while others are checking-out their plan B options and negotiating entry to alternative courses. Either way, call volumes go through the roof, and most calls need expert handling.

University of Greenwich turned to Unify to help with exactly this challenge and found that our Contact Center not only gave them the flexible capacity they needed, but also the transparency to see exactly what was going on as it happens. Read more ›

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Apps are changing the way we communicate, work and play. And now we’re in the deepest throngs of summer we thought it would be a good idea to put the spotlight on some productivity apps that can help keep you on top of things wherever you are this summer.

It’s unlikely you haven’t heard about Airbnb but what you probably don’t know is that they recently launched a business and corporate travel portal. With business and corporate travel budgets always under pressure Airbnb opens up a whole new way to get those costs down while providing employees the very best places to stay. https://www.airbnb.co.uk/business-travel

TL;DR Email
Email is probably the hardest thing to put down on vacation, so make it quick and easy to get through without having to deal with the whole lot. TL;DR Email condenses what you see in your inbox down to the first 30 words and turns it into a Facebook like feed, email is suddenly quick, simple and easy. www.gotldr.com

One of the things we’ve been talking about a lot recently is spaces to work in and Co-Working. ShareDesk have an global reach and a huge database of spaces for you to work in that are out of the ordinary. https://www.sharedesk.net/

Circuit is a collaboration tool designed to improve teamwork by bringing voice, video, screen-share, messaging, and file sharing together into a single app with one unified view. So what does that mean? You don’t have to switch between apps to get work done – this highly intuitive interface does it all. https://www.circuit.com

Time- Tracking and Invoicing made easy! Working with multiple clients on multiple jobs at the same time is difficult but Harvest takes the hassle out of it by bringing invoicing and time tracking together in one simple app. https://www.getharvest.com/ Read more ›

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Remember as a kid when the sun was shining and you had to sit in the classroom instead of doing things outside? If you are anything like me you hated that, that didn’t change when I entered the workforce. I remember whole summers spent in cool air conditioned offices gazing out at those people that somehow managed to be outside, and wondering what it must be like. Well these days I’m an anywhere worker so I’m free to be one of those people outside and enjoying the sun while working. A lot of my tips for working outside are the same as ones we’ve already been through when working on the train or in a coffee shop so to spice things up today I thought I’d share some of my favorite places in the world to work outside. 

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