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What a difference a year can make. At the beginning of 2014, I announced that this was the year for the New Way to Work (NW2W). As we expected, it was one of the most exciting times for the Unified Communications industry to date. Players transitioned from being hardware to software centric, strove to acquire their competitors, restructured their sales, and partner models as they vied for leadership. For Unify in particular, 2014 marked its shift from a hardware company to a true Software as a Service (SaaS) company, culminating in the launch of Circuit, where it delivered a radical shift in the human work experience. Read more ›

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The Internet of Things (IOT)…So, how is this really going to work at the enterprise level?  At the consumer level, I imagine there will be 3-5 key players that will form the enablement fabric from which IOT enabled devices can talk to each other and to humans.  The protocol may be IP, but how it is wrapped with any intelligence will require a third party’s involvement.  Between the traditional service providers and some of the key cloud providers, one could imagine the consumer market will be well serviced.

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Our new partner program has been designed around core principles to help your business grow, join us as we explore some of these in the graphic below. Read more ›

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Hello, with today’s press release, it’s public that I joined Unify’s product house as the CTO and head of technology strategy. And, before I get more questions on Twitter and LinkeIn than I can handle, I thought I’ll drop my first blog post in my new role. Friends already asked me…

why does a “phone equipment vendor” hire an analyst known for cloud platforms, PaaS, modern software architecture and communities or general software vendor strategy?

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I broke my New Year’s Resolution – to blog every day, missed Friday.  I am sure that we will all survive.  But, let me explain why.  Last week I was able to participate in the launch of Dev.Lab.Athens #DevLabAthens.  This is an incredible group of Unify developers.  350 of the best developers you will find anywhere in the world now live in Athens writing code for Unify.  Awesome software house.   We were all together at the Athens DevLab to review the next wave of Circuit functionality.  Incredible stuff.

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2014 has indeed been a year of transformation at Unify, and that is set to continue throughout 2015. The New Year kicked off with our new Unify Partner Program from 1st January, which has attracted some great press since the launch was announced.

When the Executive Vice-President Worldwide Channels, Jon Pritchard, states ‘Your role as a Unify partner is now more important than ever’ – he means it!

The big question though is ‘what will the program mean to me as a Partner?’. Well, the process, people and resources are in place to support you, as our Partner, to: Read more ›

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2014 flew by like a blur.  It’s hard to believe 2015 has been ushered in and we are embarking on a new year once again. By now, you have likely been hit with an array of top predictions for 2015 from many sources – in fact it seems to be a bumper crop year for intriguing predictions (including from Unify).

While it is always fun to read up on new predictions (especially about the future, as Yogi Berra once quipped), it can be even more fun to go back and examine top predictions from years or decades gone by, just to see how accurate (or not) the predictions were, and to marvel at how ancient some topics, references and terminology seem by today’s standards.

For example, I dug up a set of predictions for 2005 to see what a difference a decade makes, and how the predictions hold up against today’s realities. These come from an annual publication consolidated by Mitchell Levy, an author, consultant and thought leader that I used to contribute content to, from time to time. Read more ›

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