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When Mary Meeker asks her team to pull together a few slides, I can only imagine the look of horror on their faces. Nonetheless the end result is 197 magnificent data filled slides that provide fascinating insights and analysis on the social and technology trends impacting communications and media.

Now while this year’s report shouldn’t be too much of a surprise it is concrete evidence that organizations can no longer afford to ignore digital disruption. As a social marketer I sense this in my day to day work but seeing the naked facts in these slides gives a crystal clear perspective…

Mobile-first is the new reality.  


Need more proof? Internet mobile usage is growing. 


Messaging apps are exploding and according to the “Queen of the Internet” will become the heart of mobile.

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Doug Green, Publisher of Telecom Reseller, speaks with Diane Salvatora, SVP Global Circuit Sales about Unify, Circuit and opportunities for Channel Partners.

Podcast originally appears on Telecom Reseller.

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Today, technology is the great equalizer for companies to communicate and collaborate across geographies, time zones and departments. But how “people-first” can digital teams be? These research-backed insights will reboot any professional culture, no matter where or how digital teams may work.

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Unify’s global partner conference with 200 channel partners from over 50 countries took place in Florida this week. Check out the key messages from our executive team and social highlights from the event below…

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Paula: So, Paul, yesterday you evacuated a busy building, made everyone leave and go home causing disruption to business.  Why?

Paul: Firstly, thanks to our own technology, disruption to business was absolutely minimal – in fact – suppliers and customers only realised anything had happened when we told them!  This was achieved by the internal deployment of our own technology. It really works!  However, back to your question, the answer is simple.. we are incredibly focussed on maintaining and enhancing our ISO 22301 Business Continuity and ISO 27001 Security Management standards and this was an exercise in demonstrating that as a Business we are completely ready for ‘disruptions’.  Also, by carrying out a staged ‘suspicious’ event in a totally authentic manner we were able to evidence the benefits of using our own communications technology. Read more ›

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Just recently we held our very first WebRTC Meetup in Munich. After having launched/founded the group in early April, (http://j.mp/wRTCmeet) we were able to come together with more than 20 WebRTC enthusiasts in our Unify Experience Center with a common interest in WebRTC technology in order to share the latest news, see demos, discuss use cases and connect with developers in the B2B and B2C space. Meetups are informal expert get-togethers taking place in various locations globally. They provide an exciting opportunity to engage in discussions with other people with mutual interest’s. Circuit, which is based on WebRTC, is designed for integration with other applications. Therefore a local Meetup group (with exactly that focus ) provides exciting opportunities to hear from local talent and create mutual benefits in the exchange of information ideas and views.

We had a some really interesting guest presentations: Armin Bauer, CTO of IDNow, demonstrated how their business model dramatically changes virtual identification processes by using WebRTC in contact centers for customer authentication as he detailed on their implementation cases at large banks. Also, participants were able to see a live demo of webRTC implementation for consumer and enterprise use cases by Jaroslav Čech, CEO of iCord,from the Czech Republic.Finally, our CTO Stefan Ried gave some insight into Circuit as a collaborative platform and showed how easily Circuit’s WebRTC APIs can be integrated into other applications, and also the other way round, how Circuit can integrate business logic from 3rd party apps. And, not to forget, pizza, Czech beer (thanks Jaro) and some good and lively discussions wrapped up the meeting.

We look forward to growing the Munich WebRTC meetup group and to further engage with the WebRTC community, not only in Munich, but also in other areas across the globe to connect with other experts, and to foster fresh, inspiring ideas that can make Circuit and WebRTC even more successful. You can join the group here. If you are interested in developing with webRTC and Circuit head on over and register at developers.yourcircuit.com in order to get access to the available Circuit APIs and a free sandbox account.

For more highlights from the event click here.

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