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We’re expanding our award winning shared services center (SSC) in Sofia, Bulgaria. The SSC was originally intended as a 150 person service center providing finance support to 4 countries. It has grown now to a 325 person facility that provides multi-functional (finance, supply chain, IT and Marketing) services to 18 countries, 52 legal entities covering nine languages and multiple time zones. See our 14 vacancies in Sofia below:

German Speaking Junior Accountant Funding – http://blog.unify.com/job/german-speaking-junior-accountant-funding/

Senior Analyst – Group Consolidation – http://blog.unify.com/job/senior-analyst-group-consolidation/

IT Service Manager – Master Data non SAP – http://blog.unify.com/job/it-service-manager-master-data-non-sap/

German Speaking Accounts Payable / Receivable Specialist – http://blog.unify.com/job/german-speaking-accounts-payable-receivable-specialist/

Accounts Payable / Receivable Specialist – http://blog.unify.com/job/accounts-payable-receivable-specialist/

French Speaking Accounts Payable / Receivable Specialist – http://blog.unify.com/job/7444/

English Speaking Business Analyst Order Management – http://blog.unify.com/job/english-speaking-business-analyst-order-management/

German Speaking Business Analyst Order Management – http://blog.unify.com/job/german-speaking-business-analyst-order-management/

Dutch Speaking Business Analyst Order Management – http://blog.unify.com/job/dutch-speaking-business-analyst-order-management/

Financial Analyst (Controlling) – http://blog.unify.com/job/finance-analyst/

Senior Controller – http://blog.unify.com/job/senior-controller/

German Speaking Business Analyst (OTB) – http://blog.unify.com/job/german-speaking-business-analyst/

Social Media Manager – http://blog.unify.com/job/social-media-manager/

Senior Financial Systems Analyst – http://blog.unify.com/job/senior-financial-systems-analyst/




Currently running Digital for Unify. Mark is a specialist in Digital Engagement with interests ranging from Social Media through to Gamification and New Ways to Work.

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5 comments on “Join our award winning shared services center in Sofia
  1. Karen Miller says:

    Such impressive growth and variety of services! Keep up the great job!

  2. dinho iwamoto says:

    Good news! Impressive growth and very good services!

  3. Aaron Olmedo says:

    Great news and amazing growth, nice to see also social media positions.

  4. Good news and a lot of information inside!

  5. Arne Belter says:

    All on board the Unify train