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Here at Circuit HQ we are loving some of the new features Apple has introduced in iOS 10. Finally users have more control over how they communicate. With collaboration apps like Circuit, the traditional mobile call isn’t the main and

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This blog was co-authored by Paul Maddison With Circuit we’re very proud that we offer the richest collaboration experience with a zero foot-print approach. By embracing the very latest web technologies (like WebRTC) all you need is a browser to chat,

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Now I would love to be able to claim that the characters in this story are purely fictitious.. but I can’t.  I am, unfortunately, the epitome of organised chaos. In my younger days, when the children were small, my life

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I have to say this week has been interesting, testing and in some ways scary to say the least. This week I planned to focus my efforts on reaching out to partners to discuss Unify’s newly launched upgrade program, which

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Employee engagement. How on earth do you get hundreds or thousands of your widely dispersed employees feeling like they are a part of a community? Granted there will be meetings, and maybe, just maybe an annual ‘get together’ that brings

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Being an anywhere worker gives you undeniable flexibility and freedom. The tools we have at our fingertips enable a workforce to cut down on commuting costs and time, letting us work productively and in a way that suits our own

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