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I live in Boise, Idaho, where we are having our most severe winter in 25 years. We’ve been buried in snow for weeks, and today the temperature will dip to a biting -7 degrees Fahrenheit. Driving is not pleasant, and

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I don’t know how my mind works, but during the drive to work this morning – a business idea popped into my head! Today’s world is online – we work online, we play online, we shop online, we research online,

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Now I would love to be able to claim that the characters in this story are purely fictitious.. but I can’t.  I am, unfortunately, the epitome of organised chaos. In my younger days, when the children were small, my life

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‘There are no wrong Thanksgiving Wines’ – A headline that caught my eye in the news (thank you Eric Asimov – The New York Times). I like wine. I like Holidays. So the perfect article for me to read over

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Anyone that knows me will realise that I can occasionally have a real sense of fun – and the traditional email ‘out of office’ message has not escaped my attention. Older messages used to read along the lines of:  You

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I have to say this week has been interesting, testing and in some ways scary to say the least. This week I planned to focus my efforts on reaching out to partners to discuss Unify’s newly launched upgrade program, which

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