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The new White House policy for optimizing data centers, as covered by Nextgov earlier this month, has for the most part been well received by government and industry. The Office of Management and Budget Data Center Optimization Initiative supersedes the Federal Data

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The case for rationalizing infrastructure Few government agencies operate from a single site. Most are a complex web of multi-site, geographically dispersed regional headquarters and satellite offices. Keeping thousands of people connected (and available) was never an easy task on

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Having a reliable, resilient voice infrastructure is a critical “must-have” for federal agencies. Indeed, voice communications is at the center of federal communications initiatives – delivering essential connections with satellite offices and remote working federal employees. Traditional approaches have relied

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As FCW reported in a November 2015 article, U.S. CIO Tony Scott has raised the red flag regarding legacy federal IT systems and has likened their impact to that of the Year 2000 computer glitch. Specifically, Scott homed in on

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Delivering on federal agency IT communications initiatives is a multidimensional and complicated task. Agencies need to provide enhanced, value-added services via new media, as well as expand network throughput capacity in order to leverage new technologies and platforms. Alongside this,

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Do you ever wonder how well the Federal Government is spending your hard-earned tax dollars? Amazingly, they continues to spend a good portion of its budget on obsolete technology. According to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), of the $78bn earmarked

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