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I got the standing desk and so far it’s great, especially if I don’t wear shoes. Now I have nothing to impact my productivity… except all the noise around me.

A 2012 article in the New York Times (by Amisha Padnani, August 11, 2012) suggests that music can help workers focus. I tried this for a couple of days. At first I got the exact opposite results. I would hear a song and stop what I was doing to play along with my guitar. So I put the guitar in another room. Then I found myself tapping to the beat. Read more ›

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So there we have it – the definition of a white-collar worker in black and white. But is this a little out of date? After all – the term can be traced back to 1935!

A lot sure has changed in the last 82 years. The original white-collar worker started to move with the times – and substituted their crisp white office dress shirts, for example, in the 70’s to add a little more colour (and a lot more collar!), to the 90’s where ‘any colour shirt will do’. However – the role was the same – office bound, desk bound, manual typewriters, then electric typewriters, through to communal computers that did specific tasks that we all had to share (yes… I do remember… ). Read more ›

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Workforce Productivity in Government: The Case for Collaboration

Government agencies need their workforces to perform smarter, faster and more productively. And that means embedding collaborative technologies deep into processes – transforming the way organizations turn knowledge into action.

Collaboration platforms need to do more than simply enable employees to talk about their work – they need to create new ways for employees to do their work. And that means utilizing collaboration tools that help shape how work is performed – enabling greater innovation, higher productivity and better results and outcomes.

That means embedding technologies into the way work is performed so that using them becomes a natural and accepted part of the job. Read more ›

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What to consider in a Digital Education strategy

First we need to talk about learning. Education, that comes through learning, is one of the largest barriers that we have in our equalitarian world. This is based on the fact that people who studied for a higher education typically have a much greater chance of having a better life.

The current learning model where we have schools, teachers, classes and classrooms has already navigated through new borders. Technology can allow new ways to learn, in an even more affordable way, which can decrease the knowledge differences between different people and nations, thus taking us to a more equal world. Read more ›

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The Case for Teleworking

Did you know that in the District of Columbia, almost a third of federal employees commute over 180 minutes a day. I’ve certainly been there. That’s a lot of dead time which contributes to: unscheduled absences; poor punctuality; less availability; higher staff attrition; recruitment challenges; and negative environmental impacts.

And, think about this: ‘going to work’ requires a ‘place to work’ – premises, desk space, hardwired extensions, onsite facilities and so on. All of which cost money to provide. Now what happens when that ‘place to work’ is hit with a disaster, such as what’s unfolding in Texas right now? Count on productivity to drop and cost to rise as staff are moved elsewhere to carry on their day job. Read more ›

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work-stand up

“Tell Me When This Really Starts to Hurt, Dear.”

This week I ordered a standing desk. We mentioned these in previous articles and now I have no choice. Yesterday I went to the Doctor’s office because the pain in my left shoulder and neck got to the point that I was cursing even when I wasn’t watching the evening news. Walking back to the examination room I was offered an audition to play Quasimodo in a community theater production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

The treatment consisted of a steroid injection in one shoulder and acupuncture treatment in the other. I have an epic pain threshold, but until the nurse told me I was scaring the little kids in the lobby, I was pretty much a whimpering mess. The nurse kept calling me “dear.” As in, “I’m going to keep increasing the pressure, just let me know when it really starts to hurt, dear.” I must have reminded her of her husband Fred, which explains why she chuckled fiendishly every time I said “ouch.” Read more ›

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