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Author: Marlis Topp, Business Development and Strategy at Unify.

On July 18th about 44 members of 35 Technology Partners around the world gathered in Munich for UTPP17 – the get together of the Unify Technology Partner Program members. In a relaxed atmosphere, supported by coffee and pastries the participants met for first talks.

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Don’t Get Around Much Anymore

Maybe it’s a coincidence, but around the same time I started working from home, I also found myself doing less business travel. Some of this is due to expense issues, but I think part of it is due to the fact that once you get used to working in yoga pants (not me) or the same old gray sweat shirt and pants every day (me), your motivation to take your show on the road drops like a rock.

This week I had to fly to a day and a half long meeting. As is usually the case, we were encouraged to fly down the morning of the first half-day of meetings and fly home after the end of the next day. For me this was a pretty big deal because it meant I had to first, find a something to put clothes and toiletries in, second, I had to find clothes and toiletries, and third, I had to leave my house on a weekday. Because my frequent flyer status lapsed (Let’s face it, unless you fly 100 times a year, those plans are Ponzi schemes anyway) I had to pack carefully so I could fit the bag in the overhead compartment. Why do I worry about this? I see clowns jamming appliance boxes and steamer trunks into those poor little shelves. These are the same people who go to the Express lane in the supermarket with four hundred cans of cat food and thirty expired coupons, but it’s okay because they pay in exact change, all dimes. Read more ›

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Anyone that works in events will understand the joy of coordinating an audience, a venue, the production, the presenters, the entertainment, the content.. and so it goes on! Mind you – I LOVE it!

Anyone who reads my blogs knows that I am prone to reflecting. Reflecting about change, advances, comparisons from ‘the old days’ – I will take a look backwards about anything – compare it today and see how that might look in the future.

This one is no different, so brace yourself for a little walk down nostalgia lane! Read more ›

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Letters from the Home Working Front Vol. 5

Most of us who work in a home office have stretched the definition and boundaries of “home office.” For example, when we have company, my home office moves to a work bench and stool in my garage. Goodness knows it’s the only truly productive activity that has ever come from that workbench.

In North America, the need to be constantly connected to work is becoming a fact of life. It’s not necessarily a good fact of life, but when is the last time somebody started a conversation by saying “This is a fact of life” and it ended up being a good thing? So if we are going to work almost every day, it makes sense to limit the aggravation factor. There are a couple of steps and habits that can make working from anywhere at any time much less aggravating. Read more ›

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By Lori Reeder, Unify VP, Sales Performance.

This year was like none other for the Unify Partner conference. UPC was more accessible than ever with live streaming of five sessions. Thomas Veit said it best, “It is not business as usual anymore.” Our partners and their customers are on different paths but Unify is there to help each of them with their journey.


We kicked off the event with futurist, Nicklas Bergman who spoke about the challenges and opportunities in technology. He also hosted a workshop on how to Navigate the Tech Storm in a later session. We honored several partners with Unify awards. Jan Hickisch announced the launch of OpenScape Cloud. By the way, if you missed the live feed, check out the video here. Heidi Ganser-Muhs hosted an enablement workshop ensuring partners are prepared to sell OS Cloud as soon as available. Furthermore, Partners enjoyed networking with Unify executives and getting hands interaction with Unify solutions via our fully equipped demo pods.

Trevor Connell closed out the event with a commitment to our partners; if they keep talking to us, we will keep listening. He assured partners we will step up to the challenges they provide us but we expect them to step up to our challenges as well. Together we will be successful; Trevor reminded the audience to “Be bold, choose your next move and let’s advance together.”

Don’t forget to congratulate the following Unify Award Winners:

• Partner of Year – StepLogic – Russia

• Disti of Year is – Telenet – Spain

• Above & Beyond, for the partner exhibiting exceptional dedication, passion and expertise – Swisscom – Switzerland

• Rising Star – Telvoyant – US

• Innovation, for creativity and thinking out of the box to deliver to the customer – PFH – Ireland

And of course a big shout out to our sponsors:

• ASC Technologies AG

• Media5 Corporation

• Ptm-Akademie GmbH

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By James Emm, Director of strategic partnerships at Oak Innovation.

With the launch of Evolve reporting and analytics for OpenScape Business, Oak Innovation’s James Emm explores the must-have features sending ripples through the industry.

The concept of call reporting may be nothing new, but today’s forward-thinking systems are a long way from the mere billing and call monitoring tools of yesteryear.

Harnessing the latest technology for the often fast-paced and reactive contact centre environment, the best reporting solutions bring greater insight into what’s happening on the floor right now, give you better control over agent and call activity, and deliver more detailed and accurate reports on demand.

The result? More informed and engaged contact centre management and teams, whether your focus is sales or service.

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