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Now I would love to be able to claim that the characters in this story are purely fictitious.. but I can’t.  I am, unfortunately, the epitome of organised chaos. In my younger days, when the children were small, my life

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Anyone that knows me will be aware that I am constantly campaigning for a ‘life microwave’ – where I can get 24 hours work done in just 8 hours. Sadly, to my knowledge, it hasn’t been invented yet, or at

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I have to say this week has been interesting, testing and in some ways scary to say the least. This week I planned to focus my efforts on reaching out to partners to discuss Unify’s newly launched upgrade program, which

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Employee engagement. How on earth do you get hundreds or thousands of your widely dispersed employees feeling like they are a part of a community? Granted there will be meetings, and maybe, just maybe an annual ‘get together’ that brings

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It’s funny. I was in IT for many years. And within IT, the fear of limited bandwidth has been a hurdle that held back VOIP decisions in the past, video at the desktop, and a host of other workplace technology

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Now, combine yesterday’s information with the below from another book that I have quoted from in the past “The Organized Mind” by Levitan…. 1. Multi-tasking generates cortisol (stress hormone) and adrenaline (fight or flight hormone).  This overstimulates your brain, creating

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