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Anyone that knows me will realise that I can occasionally have a real sense of fun – and the traditional email ‘out of office’ message has not escaped my attention. Older messages used to read along the lines of:  You

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I have to say this week has been interesting, testing and in some ways scary to say the least. This week I planned to focus my efforts on reaching out to partners to discuss Unify’s newly launched upgrade program, which

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Employee engagement. How on earth do you get hundreds or thousands of your widely dispersed employees feeling like they are a part of a community? Granted there will be meetings, and maybe, just maybe an annual ‘get together’ that brings

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77% of us believe that collaboration with colleagues and clients through technology is a critical element to the day to day running of our businesses  For years people have said the way we are communicating within business is changing. It

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Time and Space and the impact on vacations… I am reading this book (“Pressed for Time: The Acceleration of Life in Digital Capitalism” by Judy Wajcman) that analyzes in depth the sociological implications of technology on time and our lives.

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The music industry has obviously been disrupted and there are countless books already written about that. One aspect of the music industry still fascinates me. I am a Grateful Dead fan – a “DeadHead” – and have been since the

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