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Next week in the mile high city of Denver, Colorado, we are holding our 2013 Analyst Summit, Business in an Engaged World. I’m looking forward to two energetic (and tiring) days as we engage with the analysts and share our company story, performance, portfolio strategy and customer and partner insights.

We have named our event – Business in an Engaged World and I would like to share some insight with our UC Matters community on our thinking behind the selecting the name and overall theme.

Regular readers of our blog will know that in October, we launched amplifyTEAMS, a new messaging platform for our company and it represented a big departure in the way we position and present ourselves to the market. It was not about technology (although we do have amazing technology) it focused on people and we conducted a great deal of research (which some of you may have participated in) into how better management of virtual workplaces can dramatically improve performance and drive competitive advantage.

Through our research and conversations we found that actually business is about relationships. And relationships start with a conversation. Today, business conversations happen across a myriad of communication channels – anywhere and at anytime. Regular “face time” is less possible and is viewed as no longer crucial. An overwhelming 87% of users in a recent survey claimed virtual relationships, formal and informal, are pivotal for success. This compels organizations to rethink the nurturing of employee, customer and supplier relationships, making them more effective and productive by leveraging technology. It is business in an engaged world.

I will now ask you to engage with us – do you agree? How many people form part of your virtual network? What percentage is actually outside of your organization?

Love to hear your views and also follow all the action as it happens at our 2013 Analyst Summit – by following our hashtag #eworld13


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One comment on “Business in an Engaged World…
  1. Anthony Lloyd says:

    70% of our team work in remote locations and we conduct business daily with people that we’ve never met. Interested to know the outcomes of your event.