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Today is my first day as the CEO of Unify.  It goes without saying that I feel excited and energised about the opportunity that lies before me.

My immediate plans are to meet with customers, partners and colleagues around the world to listen and to solicit opinions.  A special message goes to our existing customers and partners; thanks for placing your trust in Unify and my goal is to make our services and support even better in the future.

I am proud to lead such a great and talented organization with an impressive heritage and track record for innovation and customer success.  OpenScape defined the UC industry and our prowess in enterprise voice communications and services is just a given.  These products are our lifeblood and we will continue to invest in them – as well as exploring additional routes to market.

Thanks to an outstanding brand launch, the likes of which our industry had never seen before, we have a fresh new brand and identity which is the envy of our competition.  As an extremely interested watcher, it was clear that this wasn’t “just” a renaming – it felt like the launch of a new company.  And that company had something to say and offer that was ahead of the competition.

Enterprises are facing a sizeable challenge at the moment – one that goes beyond a simple technology fix and actually goes to the fabric of the company.  The relationship between employees (and we must remember that each employee is a consumer of technology), IT department and us as a provider generates both contention and opportunity.  As employees we are demanding next generation collaboration solutions that have a intuitive user experience and actually helps us do our jobs better.

Put simply – often we are trying to do today’s jobs with yesterday’s tools.  It is clearly time for a New Way to Work.

That is why we have developed (and will keep on developing) Project Ansible.  In our role as a “Trusted Advisor” it is our mission to help both existing and future customers to determine their own technology roadmap to enable the new way to work – from traditional communications systems to enhanced collaboration, cloud and software solutions.  We understand that this transition won’t happen overnight, and organizations can be confident that by turning to Unify they will receive experienced, global and sound advice about how to get ready for the collaborative enterprise. 2014 will be the year that we bring Project Ansible to market and we will keep everyone fully updated on progress.

To finish my first blog, I would like to thank everyone that took the time to contact me since my appointment to offer their congratulations.  I’m very excited about the future, we do have lots of work to do, but I am confident that we will succeed. And that’s why I joined as CEO of Unify.

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7 comments on “CEO Blog: It’s time for a New Way to Work
  1. Cal Rifkin says:

    Welcome to Unify Dean, wishing you every success in your new chapter!

  2. Mike Leo says:

    Looking forward to a bright future here at Unify!!

  3. Andrew Cheel says:

    A warm welcome to Unify Dean and I very much look forward to meeting you in person during you world tour.
    Delighted to read of your enthusiasm toward our “New Ways To Work” agenda that sets about driving out those pockets of time that we all waist during a working week attempting to reconnect those conversational threads that get dropped as we chaotically go about juggling our daily duties.

  4. Shaina says:

    It IS time for a new way to work. Excited to be moving into the future with Dean at the helm.

  5. Juliano Menegazzo says:

    Welcome aboard, Dean!

    Looking forward to work together, helping customers on their journey to the new way to work. Let’s shake this industry!

  6. Karim says:

    Welcome to Unify Dean. Wishing you success for your new job. Waiting for Ansible and I’m curious about it. Cannot wait to participate on the “New Way To Work”.

  7. George Despinic says:

    Just as Henry Ford introduced automobiles to the masses, Unify is bringing Enterprise Communications and Collaboration solutions that are a joy to use to the masses.

    With Mr. Dean Douglas at the helm, he is in the perfect position to show Enterprises around the world that Unify is revolutionizing the way we work.