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Greetings from Dubai and the first day of our International Partner Conference, where I am joined from over 150 partners from Europe and Asia Pacific.

Today we issued a press release that sets out a bold ambition – to be the partner of choice in the communication and collaboration industry.  I am proud to lead that effort and in my first blog post I wanted to share my personal thoughts and ambition for our channel business at Unify.

I joined as EVP of worldwide channels at Unify in mid-February of this year – so I am approaching my 4 month anniversary.  My remit is clear – on a global scale increase the business Unify does through channel partners and transition Unify to a channel-centric organization.

For the majority of my first few months, I have spent my time meeting and listening to colleagues and partners around the world.  I heard clearly from our partners that they want to work with Unify and they love our new brand, but we do have to adjust the way we do business with them.  This was not a surprise.  Coming from world-wide distributor, Comstor, I certainly knew and respected Unify’s reputation for outstanding engineering prowess – but not necessarily as a Global channel centric organization.

And as per my remit – this is going to change.

At all levels the business is fully supportive.  Leading the whole organization, we have Dean Douglas, Bill Hurley, Dan Papes and myself, a focused team with a wealth of channel experience and success, and we have an engaged channel team who are eager to make this transition.

It is one thing to announce the move to a channel centric business but achieving it means looking at all aspects of our go-to-market structure and approach.  And we have identified some key commitments.

We will expand our partner community – for coverage and also software expertise which is critical as we introduce Project Ansible later this year.  We will improve our product proposition and make it more logical and we need to make our licensing simpler, repeatable and scalable – all the things that partners need.  Our partner program, Go Forward, will evolve to be more consistent globally and include better access, based on accreditation, to Unify resources and support.

It’s not revolutionary, it’s a process. It’s a journey we have to go through. And I would not have joined if I didn’t think we couldn’t achieve it – we will become the partner of choice in the software space.

And our partners?  Well they are always receptive to a change that will give them a larger slice of business – and they welcome more dialogue into help defining our strategy.  In Dubai, a big part of the agenda is discussing the changes with our community and their insight will be invaluable.  And I promise we will consider and act on their input – that’s one of the first steps to being that channel-centric business we aspire to be.

It’s not going to happen overnight but we are all committed.  I look forward to keeping you posted all along the journey.

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Chief Executive Officer at Unify

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One comment on “Transitioning Unify to a channel-centric approach
  1. George Despinic says:

    As a 21 year veteran of Nortel where the Channel was king, I learned how important channels were to the success of the company. It’s great to see this level of commitment and energy directed towards Unify’s existing channel partners as well as the nurturing of new partners.