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It’s fair to say that I have walked a mile in our customers’ shoes. I know what it is like to be the customer. In fact, I was the customer.

I’ve deployed unified communications solutions as a customer, as a consultant and as a salesperson. Both on the technology side and the business side. I have an information technology background as a software developer, but I also possess marketing experience that made the chief marketing officer role at Unify such a pragmatic fit, especially because it is such a technologically rich company.

As an executive at Mercedes Benz, I lived a dual life, starting out in IT, moving up through the ranks, and then moving into marketing, where I held various marketing management positions. The iconic German carmaker is certainly brilliant at branding and creating quality customer experiences. And while my tenure there provided invaluable experience, I look forward to being part of Unify in creating its own identity, emulating the best from myriad world-class brands but never losing sight of the customer.

In previous roles as chief information officer and chief technology officer, I experienced what its like to buy technology and deploy it to assist business organizations to increase their productivity. And I learned one key aspect – which we must never forget – organizations consist of people not robots (well not yet) and they have a voice. It is their choice whether they use the corporate tools that are provided and I will explore that user experience in future blog posts.

Hopefully, that instills a certain modicum of empathy for our clients. As such, we must understand our customers’ needs and bring them into everything that we do, taking into account the risks, costs and benefits to them from our offerings and services.

As a result, I serve somewhat as a proxy for our customers around the world. Having been a CIO, CTO and now CMO I can talk about the challenges of technology in a business conversation – not just an IT conversation.

People have asked me, why come to Unify? After all, this is a tough industry. But between our Siemens heritage and the promising future of #ProjectAnsible, I really believe that we can change the way people work for the better. And I don’t just mean that as a marketing slogan.

We truly have a chance to do something important in the way people interact and communicate in corporate environs.

We can make a difference if we seize our opportunity to increase collaboration and productivity at the nexus of modern integrated communications and the social enterprise.

Business lives in the future, and that’s what gets me excited. And speaking of the (very) near future, please join me on May 8th for a live virtual event co hosted with the economist entitled; “The Connected Workforce: Maximising Productivity and Minimising Risk”. I will be joined by some excellent panelists and you can sign up on this link

I look forward to engaging with you – please leave a comment/contact me @BillHurleyCMO

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