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These past few weeks have been some of the most important weeks in the history of Unify.  As you may know we announced our transformation strategy in June of 2014.  That strategy is built on 3 elements.  First, we will move with our customers from the traditional hardware oriented world of communications to a world where communications and collaboration are software and services based, and mobility helps define that world. Second, Unify will deepen and strengthen it’s channel relationship and together with our channel partners create industry leading value and thought leadership to our collective customers. And third we will streamline our organization in order to be that software, services and channel focused company today and into the future.

To that end, on February 2nd we announced the completion of important milestones that we have accomplished since June of last year.

These accomplishments include:

This past October, in a critical step towards our software and services strategy we successfully launched Circuit, an industry leading category defining communications and collaboration solution.

Then in November we announced our new Channel program and successfully launched that program this past January as planned.

And in these past two weeks of February we announced progress in streamlining the organization, on target. To further the restructuring Unify has undertaken globally, the company has come to an agreement with the German union and employee representatives regarding the required transformation steps, terms and timeline for our Germany organization. This also allows Unify to continue the various transformation plans underway in other countries around the world. Additionally, both primary shareholders continue to actively support the strategy of Unify’s transformation, for which funding has been secured.

In addition to our shareholders showing further commitment to Unify, we see our customers and the market committing to Unify. In our last fiscal year our global net promoter score grew by 25% between Q1 and Q4 of our FY14. This growth in confidence happened exactly during our transformation announcements. And as further evidence, though we do not publicly report our results, we did hit our Q4 forecast and subsequently surpassed our Q1 forecasts.

Now we have March upon us. Time to prepare for Mobile World Congress, UC Expo, Enterprise Connect and CEBIT. All these events globally allow Unify and our partners to share our vision for the future of communications and collaboration. It is a crazy, challenging, busy, exciting time!!!

Unify continues to move, with our shareholders, partners and customers in the right direction, leading the industry forward in the world of communications and collaboration. I look forward to sharing more exciting news with you in the future!

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  1. I appreciate your transformation strategy. I think you have worked hard on this process.