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Recently, Unify hosted its second internal hackathon in its DevLabs in Alsdorf, Germany. For the local teams, it was a brand new experience, so the interest was high.

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Six teams of various sizes came together to build ideas around Circuit’s real-time API integrations and work on their implementation over a few days. Most of the participating developers were familiar with Circuit, however the hackathon created a dynamic environment which allowed developers to experiment with innovative ideas.

The event saw developers from all aspects of our business come together to bring their diverse skillsets to integrate 3rd party applications into Circuit. The challenge they had? To work against the clock. Here is a snapshot of the hackathon results:

  1. The winning team called “Hackman” integrated external streaming sources into a Circuit conversation. For example, a YouTube video stream can easily be integrated into the conversation and broadcasted to all participants. This could be interesting for e-learning offered by universities or further education institutions. In reverse, any Circuit RTC-Conversations can be broadcast live to webcast, live-streaming or recording systems
  2. Stefan Wuttich won the personal challenge with the idea of transferring files, for example big log files, over the data channel inside a 1-to-1 connection, instead of using a file service. He was able to fully implement this on his own within a very short time. A cool, simple feature which can be easily expanded and integrated into Circuit.
  3. Another idea which stood out was to integrate RSS feeds into Circuit. So that RSS feeds can be registered in a conversation. The relevant messages will be shown inside the conversation streams and included in search.
  4. Fitbit, the fitness wristband, was at the center of another innovative Circuit hack. The end result connected a users Fitbit account with Circuit in order to upload Fitbit data and updates into a Circuit conversation. This is a great initiative to encourage workplace health and well being.
  5. The next idea focused on customer relationship management. Customers who don’t want to install a huge CRM system can use a lightweight CRM system based on Circuit. When communicating with a certain client, the system will provide all the existing data about this particular client.
  6. And finally, collaborative white-boarding featured in the Alsdorf hackathon. This is based on a downloadable Chrome extension which places an additional icon for collaborative white-boarding

The judging panel for the hackathon included Unify CTO Stefan Ried and Thomas Hoefer, who evaluated each of the creative ideas and picked winners that demonstrated the versatility of Circuit and proved the value-add of real-time agile development.

A key resource leveraged during the Hackathon was the new Circuit developer portal. If you would like to get involved join our growing developer community today.

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2 comments on “Unify Developers Gather in Alsdorf for our 2nd Circuit “Hackathon”
  1. Pete Hope says:

    Its always my goal to improve healthcare with good partnerships and IT-systems. I feels like you can contribute to a bigger thing. These hackathlons are worth alot for developing systems like that.

  2. i hope that Circuit will be really the Best against the competitor Cisco and MS Lync SErver.