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Over the last few weeks we’ve been focused on new styles of work, today I wanted to introduce the idea of new jobs into the equation with a list of 10 jobs that exist today that didn’t just 10 years ago.

All these jobs interact directly with how Flexible work has developed over that time period as well.

Digital Risk Officer – Risk is a key function within many large enterprise organisations, systems and processes have popped up around it to support everything managing project risk to credit risk. Digital Risk is a a relatively new concept though, in the past IT security was something for the IT business to manage, but as increasing amounts of data is being held in the cloud and on personal devices the approach to securing that data has had to become more holistic – that’s where your Digital Risk Officer comes in.

Science Communicator – If you grew up in the 80’s or 90’s you’ll probably remember TV shows where TV presenters tried and failed to explain complex scientific concepts. Fast forward to today today there is a whole industry called Science Communication where professional scientists take their knowledge and ideas out in to the community both in person and digitally.

Uber Driver – Ok so we had Cabbies 10 years ago but we certainly weren’t able to see where they were, pay by our phone and give them a rating.

Self Driving Car Tester – I always imagine this to be far more glamorous than I suspect is the reality.But for a handful of people sitting in a car monitoring how it drives and reacts to external influences is a reality.

Digital Inclusion Officer – Digital Inclusion is all about enabling digital access for people who don’t have access to it today. That doesn’t just mean giving people the internet, it means helping, supporting and nurturing people who may not have had access in the past and giving them the skills and knowledge to be able to use the internet and the tools surrounding it today.

Chief Digital Officer – CTO’s (Chief Technology Officers) existed 10 years ago but their focus was on the underlying technology of the business. For a CDO it’s how the business leverages that technology and the digital world to adapt and prosper in the digital economy.

Airbnb Host – A bit like Uber yes B&B’s existed but, the flexibility of being able to say my spare room is available for 5 nights between X date and X date just didn’t. It’s not that we were technology bound but we just hadn’t got there yet.

Social Media Manager – Where consumers go brands follow and Social Media was no different. Brands all over the world today use social media for everything from promotion, to feedback, to customer service in a public and accessible way that would have been hard to imagine 10 years ago.

Content Creator – 10 years ago we had YouTube, over the period it’s developed to the point today where people will sit and watch their favorite YouTubers instead of television. As a result there are millennials who earn a very respectable living sharing their lives via YouTube.

App Developer – Remember a time before Apps? Software was big and clunky and the best thing your phone could do was to take a picture and move a snake around the screen. Today apps are an ever increasing part of our lives. We use them to manage our diaries, our shopping lists even our team communication (Circuit).

There are plenty of other jobs I’m sure that exist today that won’t in 10 years time. Maybe you can think of some. Share your thoughts in the space below, or on social media using the hashtag #FlexWorkFriday


Product Owner for OpenScape Cloud and senior leader for Digital and Growth. Specialist in Digital Engagement and SaaS launches with interests ranging from Social Media through to Gamification and New Ways to Work.

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