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Managing seasonal peaks, staff shortages or looking to ensure business continuity in your contact center?  We’ve got you covered in the cloud.

It’s time to be completely honest; you’ve worked hard to build up a reputation for customer service. But how would your hard earned reputation affected if you were no longer able to provide service and support to your customers? What would you do if you were inundated with calls that you simply couldn’t manage?

Lots of organizations have to manage wide variations in contact volumes. For example, it’s that time of year again in the UK where universities are swamped with calls from students. Once the school exam results are published, young hopefuls find out if they have the grades to take them to the college of their choice. The fortunate ones are calling to confirm places and book accommodation, while others are checking-out their plan B options and negotiating entry to alternative courses. Either way, call volumes go through the roof, and most calls need expert handling.

University of Greenwich turned to Unify to help with exactly this challenge and found that our Contact Center not only gave them the flexible capacity they needed, but also the transparency to see exactly what was going on as it happens.

Many industries have seasonal peaks when volumes multiply, or instantaneous peaks as a result of unpredictable events such as weather, infrastructure outages etc. OpenScape Cloud Contact Center is the perfect solution for these challenges. Because it’s software, and because we host it for you in the cloud, you can instantly scale your resources up or down, and just pay for what you use.

Find out more in the video below and take control of your contact volumes. For ambitious students, missing a University place puts their life on hold.  The last thing they need is music on hold.

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