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With CeBIT 2016 event happening this week in Hannover, Germany, the timing is perfect to summarize the key takeaway messages from Unify’s keynote.   The presentation title was “Humanize your digital transformation”, delivered by Unify’s EVP of Product House, Dr Peter Kuerpick to a packed auditorium.

The goal was to help organizations better navigate their own “digital journey” and incorporated our recent Way We Work study – an independent primary research project, canvassing the working practices of 9000 knowledge workers in UK, US and Germany.  Download your copy of the report here

1)                  Consider the human elements of collaboration before investing in new communications technology.  Not doing this can lead to lack of adoption, frustrated employees, disconnected teams, and a poor customer experience.  The upshot is that organization culture, employee engagement, user experience and the adoption of the right tools make the difference between success and failure in a company’s digital journey.

2)                  Virtual is the new reality.  Our new Way We Work study shows 42% of respondents said virtual teaming “can” be better than face to face!  The biggest positive benefit was “creativity” of bringing the right people, skills and ideas together quickly and easily is the biggest single benefit.

3)                  Businesses are moving towards less hierarchical, flatter structures which encourages lateral communication.  A human centric social collaboration platform is the ideal investment to enable better sharing, responsiveness, synchronization of functions and ultimately better business performance.  This also aligns with the “on demand” nature of our business processes and working practices.

4)                  Email is not going away – but there is a desire to use it less.  74% of respondents report that it is still the most used tool among team members.  So email is not disappearing over night from our workplaces, but at the same time respondents reported that email is the tool they most often wanted to “reduce or remove” from their workplace due to perceived inefficiency, distraction, slowness or being surpassed by new and better tools.

5)                  The communications ecosystem within an organisation is expanding and becoming more diverse.  It will be important to integrate or inter-operate with the entire existing communications infrastructure (via open standards), with both existing line of business applications as well as a new generation of cloud-based applications and new / existing communication devices (both fixed and mobile).  Ultimately the goal is to seamlessly embed communication into the way we work, interact and engagement with each other and with customers.

In summary – there is a whole new generation of tools and solutions to enable the digital workplace and flexible work lifestyles. If you choose the right technology platform, provide the right user experience and gain widespread adoption, you can enhance and transform the way employees and customers engage, interact and build relationships – ultimately generating better business outcomes. Remember, the human elements of collaboration are at the heart of all this!

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