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Not so long ago I shared a Circuit experience around event season, where we raced ahead of the competition to engage with new contacts before any scanner data was available –using Circuit and a wider, virtual team.

Well, event season hasn’t finished yet, and we are still making use of this swiss army knife of apps!

This time, Unify was at UC Expo in London, with a stand, a meeting room and 5 (yes – 5) speakers throughout the theatres.  As an events veteran, I am used to a few last minute ‘panics’.. It wouldn’t be a good show if there wasn’t a need for that power lead that was left on the desk 80 miles away.

This time though.. this was sent to test us!

Set up day, and we are all preparing  the stand when it creeps in – just that *tiny* niggle of ‘has anyone seen our first speaker’? That gets pushed aside aside we clamber over and under units, hiding cables, checking connectivity and taking a look to see who has what branded ‘goodies’. The team meets for dinner at the end of the day, and Circuit notification flashes on my phone: ‘Problem’. One of our Experts is appearing in a panel debate the next day – but is currently sat in A&E with his son – and won’t be able to get to London.  OK, not a problem, a little fast thinking and…. a message is sent to the organisers, ‘are we able to have our panellist join via Circuit as he cannot be there physically?’.  They reply the next morning with an ‘if the bandwidth is there to cope remotely, then it should be ok!’. Genius! The team go to the theatre and do a test run, and we are good to go.

All the while this prep is going on – that little niggle is becoming a bit of a shout.. ‘seriously… has ANYONE seen our first speaker….??’  His Circuit profile says unavailable, but does say he is travelling for a show, it also shows his location as London *phew*.  Just need to find him. Quick message on Circuit is delivered .. and a note comes back saying ‘am in a meeting – be with you in 10 minutes’.  Great news! Especially as calling had resulted in international ringing tone… GULP.

So.. the panel debate kicks off, and one of the stand team sits in the audience holding their tablet up in the room – so that our remote Expert could use video to see the audience and gauge their reactions and engagement.  No hiccups, everything is clear, two way dialogue is easily held as if he were in the room and not sitting in his home office.

Circuit 2 – 0 Events crisis

But that isn’t where it ends. A quite specialised expert that usually joins us on stand is unable to attend this year through illness – and we missed him! But.. you can’t get off that lightly when Circuit is around.  He may not have been able to travel – but that didn’t stop us from calling upon his knowledge when asked questions on stand – via Circuit of course!

Circuit 3 – 0 Events crisis

All this and using Circuit to send contact details and specific requirements to our wider, virtual team and have those conversations continued before the scanner info even hits our desktops.

You know, this product is good… And it seems to step up to every challenge and use thrown at it. Maybe I shall write a book.. ‘1001 uses for Circuit’. It would soon fill up!

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