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We’ve all heard various iterations and slogans used (Safe, Smart, Connected, Converged, etc.) describing the “City of Tomorrow”, yet how many of these “blueprints” actually show us HOW to build this ecosystem, much less how to fund such an undertaking?

Call it what you will, be it “Smart”, “Safe”, “Connected” or simply “Modern”, the true City of Tomorrow is one that sees the benefit of leveraging existing investments, sharing in infrastructure, reducing cost and improving service.

Smart Cities come with a series of building blocks and here are just 3:

  • A safe City with an NG 9-1-1 Powered Smart City Ecosystem
  • A measured city with insightful City Data Analysis
  • An informed city with a view for city managers and citizens alike.

Rather than reinventing the wheel, city planners and stakeholders should become aware of what we as an industry are striving to put in place and educate these constituents on how Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) is the catalyst for building a Smart City ecosystem. The Unify NG9-1-1 solution is able to define city, regional and statewide roadmaps for smarter, safer and more refined communication solutions.

To keep a city on track, you need a solution such as Atos’ innovative CityPulse program to be able to gather and analyze data from multiple sources to provide intelligence which enables the city to make more informed decisions.

For city managers and citizens, the Atos CityCockpit provides an open data portal for better engagement and a reduced cost

While there are many views as to what may define a true “Smart City”, Unify and Atos have aligned a standards-oriented blueprint driving a nationwide mission-critical transformation to power Smart City Innovation.

Join us for an in-depth view of how these solutions are  being used to define city, regional and statewide roadmaps for Smarter, Safer and more refined Communication Solutions at http://smartcitiesinnovation.com/.

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