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We all hear about the disruption and financial burden of snow days on businesses and individuals, but with summer (finally) arriving in the UK it would appear that we are just as exposed when it comes to the heat!  This article in The Telegraph talks about sending people home if the workplace is hotter than 30°.  Fabulous! Let’s all flock to our gardens  and relax on an impromptu day off enjoying the sunshine, having a long cold drink and raising the glass to the Sun God for us not having to work today J

However, this ( as pleasant as it is for us employees) is enough to create financial burden on our businesses. The phones stop being answered, orders stop being processed, customers stop being ‘serviced’ and the business suffers.  The organisation suffers from loss of customer satisfaction and of course financially.

If only there were a balance to be reached – where employee and employer could have the best of both worlds…

Something like business continuity measures where employees can take their work home and sit in their basement or garden – away from a sweltering office maybe? Now you could invest in air conditioning throughout your office building – but that isn’t going to help on the other end of the scale on the more frequent snow days.  Hmmm… what else….?

How about cloud based communications and collaboration? Where you can work from anywhere that has an internet connection and it would be seamless. No-one need know that you are under a parasol in your flip flops because they are still receiving the same service levels as if you were in the Office.  It is cost effective, it is scaleable, it efficiently copes with seasonal demands /peaks and troughs in your business, it maintains business continuity and it could mean that difference between being in the red or black that month for some small businesses.

It’s a win win situation. Find out more at https://www.circuit.com/

Now.. would somebody pass the sun cream please?


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