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What is your business’ most important asset? Is it your product? Your buildings? At Unify, we think one thing towers above the rest: your people.

Trust us, we have spent a great deal of time investigating the modern workforce. Our comprehensive Way We Work study of 9000 knowledge workers set out to establish true work patterns and explore behaviours in the work environment. It is well worth a read, if we say so ourselves. Alongside this, we also spend time talking with our vibrant social media community, helping us glean additional insights into the way people work today.

One area we wanted to explore was the notion of productivity.  No matter your business, productivity is a big issue, but we wanted to find out about how it impacted people on an individual level.

We did this by asking a simple question to our Twitter community – when are you most productive? The poll was attention-grabbing:

  • Unsurprisingly, 47% of people stated they were most productive in the morning
  • The next most popular is very interesting – with 21% of respondents answering that night is their most productive time, with 19% saying evening.
  • Afternoon is the least productive with only 13% claiming this was the best period for them to work in

In summary, our findings suggest there is a productivity “bookend” – with both ends of the day having productivity peaks, and the afternoon being a relatively “dead” zone.  With everyone having busy, complicated lives, it seems clear that people work best when distractions are limited.  For working parents, the time that the children are in bed may be a productivity hot-spot – or some people may just simply be night-owls!

If you are still a little unsure about what the most productive time or the day is for you, please check out this handy Huffington post article here, as it contains a 5-step plan with how to discover your best time of work.

So what does this mean for businesses?

Well the first step is move away from the traditional 9-5 culture.  For some organizations – this is already a relic of the past, but for many being present in the office is still the ideal.

This will take time and strong desire to change (from the very top and also from the middle…) – but the rewards will be immense and include better employee engagement levels and retention.

If you would like to talk to an organization that has gone through this and can advise of the must-dos (and pit-falls), get in touch. Trust us, we’ve been there.

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