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We all have things to to juggle in our lives – whether it be work/kids/hobbies/family/friends/house/gym/hairdresser/dog walking or any of the seemingly endless demands on our most valuable resource: time.

As organised as you might be, there is always a mini-crisis waiting around the corner. My theory is they happen just to keep us on our toes, to challenge us and give us a reason to sink onto the sofa at the end of the day having earned a glass of something chilled – promising ourselves that tomorrow will be a less stressful day.

Today, we want it all.  Great careers, gym memberships that we actually use, 2.4 children, cream carpets (that don’t bear signs of the Great Dane and the children’s latest artwork) and a fun social life. And why can’t we have it all?

Well, that would be because of those mini-crises that occur, well, quite regularly!

You get up on Monday morning, have a civilised coffee and gradually wake up.  You have plenty of time to shower, dress and drive to work. No stress, it’s all planned. What could possibly go wrong?

Ping! You receive a text from the child-minder:

 [The dog has swallowed the car keys, sorry, can’t take your kids to school today]

Okay, no problem! You have plenty of time to get ready, so you’ll drop the children off at school on the way to work.  The day’s still perfectly planned. You can carry on drinking your coffee and just make a mental that you may have to forego washing your hair today to claw back those 20 minutes.

Ping! You receive a text from the a friend on a nearby street:

[Don’t want to panic you, but just saw your dog trotting up the road]

What??? Okay, that’s still okay. I’ll go and retrieve the dog now and still be back in time to drive the children to school. I might have to forego make-up today too, but we’ll still be on time!

A small voice from the youngest child (still in pyjamas), rings out:

“Muuuuum, i don’t feel well…”

“I’m sure you’re just fine, you just need to … oh…. right.. you really are ill…”


So there you are, dog on the loose, needing to do school run, one poorly child and you still haven’t finished your coffee. On top of this, getting dressed is seeming like a challenge – let alone washing your hair and putting on make-up. Your intention to visit the gym has now become throwing on trackie bottoms and scraping your hair back in order to clear up after poorly child.

In all this though, the Organisation Fairy hasn’t moved your 9.15 conference call. How inconsiderate!

But… it’s okay.

By 9:05 you have collected and distributed responsibilities – canine and human. You are sat in your home office with a fresh cup of coffee, with Circuit open and ready to join your call.  Thank goodness for new ways to work, the flexibility to truly find that ‘work-life integration’ that creates balance, but, most of all, thank goodness no one in the office has to witness your current appearance!.

Ping! Circuit message from the chairperson of your call:

[Hey All, really looking forward to speaking to you all today. Why don’t we all switch our video on…]

Well, flexible working can’t fix everything.



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