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It’s a sunny Friday morning in Milton Keynes. The kids have broken up from school for their summer holidays, but, despite this, it is a normal working day for everyone else, including me. Today, I have planned to meet two valued Unify partners on the sunny seaside coast of Southampton, a journey which involves taking the ever-reliable British motorway system. With this in mind, I planned to start my journey to Southampton an hour early, to make sure I arrive at my meeting on time.

Being an anywhere worker, I also have a number of conference calls to attend while on my journey. To accommodate this, I have brought along all my gadgets to make sure I can attend and participate in my calls safely. My pack includes a Jabra Mini Wireless Bluetooth Headset, a fully charged mobile phone and access to Unify’s innovative Circuit platform. An independent woman on the go you might say!

30 minutes into my journey, my first conference call starts. I have my very chic headset in my ear and I’m connected to Circuit, the sound is clear and I can hear everyone perfectly. I might add that, according to a well-known radio station, today is the happiest day of the year, so my day can only continue to get better. Everyone is collaborating on the call and sharing presentations on Circuit (which for safety reasons I cannot view), but there’s no need to panic the call is being recorded and the slides will be uploaded into our conversation afterwards. It’s my turn to update the team, with an excellent connection this went swimmingly and my work is done!

Now, back to my journey. At his stage I’m only 40mins from Southampton and making great time, so I treat myself to a coffee and take a break. It’s time to catch up on my emails and messages on Circuit. After a few sips of coffee and bite into my bacon roll, a Circuit call comes through, due to unforeseen circumstances my first meeting has been cancelled. Luckily, due to quick organising by my fellow channel account manager, another meeting has been booked for 11am. This partner is further away, so I get back onto the road quickly. I’m welcomed onto the M25 and a 50 mile an hour speed limit has appeared from nowhere – not unusual for the M25, as this road is seemingly always being worked on. However, there was no need to panic, as I arrive on time and begin what turns out to be a very successful meeting – I even have time to catch up on my emails and get back on the road to start my journey home earlier than expected.

My sat nav now says expected time of arrival 3:07pm, perfect! My Jabra headset goes back in and I’m ready for my soon to start conference call. After 40miles of travelling I hit the M25, it’s only 2:30pm on Friday and it’s grid locked! To pass the time, I decide to play a Circuit session recording that I could not attend earlier in the week. Time stopped dragging and traffic slowly started moving. I even made friends with fellow drivers, who said hello as they hung out of their windows for air (it’s a humid day)… of course I had my mini headset in my ear, which they could not see as the stuffy heat in the car had caused my hair to expand and cover it.

It’s now 5:00pm and I’m home much later than planned, but still smiling. I managed to work while travelling and had a productive day, even though I now look like Diana Ross, but I think that’s appropriate for a Friday night!


Anywhere worker =1: M25 = 0!

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