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digital jobsEmployee engagement. How on earth do you get hundreds or thousands of your widely dispersed employees feeling like they are a part of a community? Granted there will be meetings, and maybe, just maybe an annual ‘get together’ that brings them all in and made to feel included.

I am an anywhere worker – I make no bones about this – I love it! I have written about how to not feel isolated as a remote worker, I have written about the extra productivity gained by not commuting (I was even at the gym this morning instead of sat in a car on the motorway) and I have covered some of the ways that Circuit has made a difference to the way we work and what we are able to acheive.

We at Unify recently had a Quarter End. In bygone times, when Moses were a lad in short trousers and my employer was called GPT (an early instance of Unify.. and yes – I have been with the Company a long, long time!) each month and quarter and year end was a social and busy occasion. Everyone was in the office, stood by a fax machine waiting for an order to come through, bells would be rung and teams would banter about who would get the biggest order or the most orders. The friendly rivalry created an atmosphere of a place that you wanted to work and wanted to help to be successful.

Gone now are the fax machines and the vast, expensive to run offices. Now is the time of remote and flexible working.

NOT gone.. is the camaraderie and the month end ‘fun’. How can that be when we are not all in the same office? The answer is simple, basic even.

‘tech is not just for the serious elements of work’

The groups on Circuit are called ‘communities’ and ‘conversations’ because that is exactly what they are.

Last Quarter End a graph appeared in the ‘Sales Community’ conversation.. it recorded every order that was shared in the conversation in teams – by number of orders and by total order value. The graph showed the teams, their cumulative results, the Manager’s face at the the end of each bar.. and a clipart Crown on the winning Manager’s head (very modern-day ‘Blue Peter’).

So very simple… and spurred a HUGELY competitive week! Having received an order, the FIRST action by sales was to upload the info into the group, making sure that their team’s bar on the chart exceeded the other teams. The leaderboard was updated morning, lunch and end of day for that week.. images of ‘ringing’ bells started to appear when orders hit the conversation.. the encouragement of team mates flowed.

If you ever wondered how to recapture ‘the good old days of month end’ when few people are physically in the room together – well this was it. Circuit. Bringing people together, even when they aren’t.

The challenge is… what can I come up with for next month end…… hmmmmmm

<<strokes imaginary beard and gazes thoughtfully upwards>>


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