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I have to say this week has been interesting, testing and in some ways scary to say the least. This week I planned to focus my efforts on reaching out to partners to discuss Unify’s newly launched upgrade program, which involved some travelling, conference calls, distribution call out days and a webinar.

On Monday, I set out to visit ScanSource Communications, one of our leading UK distributors, who are ready to support the program launch and offer support to all Unify partners. Unfortunately I’m stuck in traffic and I’m conscious that I’m going to be late for my meeting, so I’ve decided to pull into the nearest services station to dial into the meeting via Circuit. While setting up a quick group conversation through the Circuit app my phone begins to beep, alerting me to the fact that my battery is critically low! It’s now 9:00am and I’ve joined the call, it will soon be my time to present to the team before they begin, thinking fast I decided to set up my laptop and connect to the service station’s WiFi network. I now have internet access on my laptop and Circuit open ready to present; by simply swiping a button on my phone I can move the call to my laptop, just in the nick of time! Disaster averted and I’m back on the road!

Wednesday soon came around and it truly was a day of trick or treats! The day began on a positive note, it was someone’s birthday in the office and there were cakes and sweets in abundance! My day began with a partner meeting which went very well. During the meeting I had been asked to share a briefing document with a number of team members, to assist with an internal campaign currently running – so I did. Lunch time rapidly came around and it was time to join my team weekly catch up call – during this call I noticed that I hadn’t received any responses to my emails all morning which was strange. To my horror my Outlook inbox was full and none of my emails had sent that morning – this must have been a trick I thought! I hit record on the team call and left the conversation! I only had 20minutes before my next call so I had to think fast! I quickly set up team conversations in Circuit as per my meetings and calls earlier that day, within seconds I had uploaded all relevant briefing documents, video links and instructions supporting the campaign. Saved by the skin of my teeth – thank you Circuit and now everything is in one place. The day soon passed by and after missing lunch I thought I’d treat myself to a piece of cake, what a treat!

On Thursday, I wasn’t feeling too well so I thought it best to work from home – which was fine as I have all the right tools to be an anywhere worker. Unfortunately this did mean that I couldn’t attend a face to face meeting that was scheduled to start at 9am, so instead I joined the meeting via Circuit. What happened next, truly taught me a lesson! Those who joined the meeting virtually were asked to introduce themselves using the video collaboration feature, this took me by surprise as I was feeling under the weather I had not yet put on my makeup! Thankfully it was a quick introduction and the call went back into presentation mode soon after.

It’s now Friday, 28th October and almost the end to what could have been a week from Hell!

Happy Halloween

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