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Watch the news on TV, read the newspaper or browse your favorite news site on the web and almost daily you find headlines of data breaches and other cybercrimes.

With nearly 80% of data breaches being caused by employee errors, helping employees act securely is more than just an act of training you have to give them the tools to create a seamless security barrier.

In the recent past we enforced security with Firewalls, DMZ’s and IP restrictions but the age of restrictive environments is coming to an end. After all how many of your employees are using their own device for work or now working remotely? You still need to protect yourself and your organization in this distributed IT era, and meet your regulatory requirements, that’s where Evidian Access Services come in.

Evidian Access Services helps you manage the identities and entitlements of people, services and things, and the relationships among them. Another member of the Atos family, Evidian Access Services allows our customers and partners to pair Team Communications and Collaboration with Identity Governance giving them a unique opportunity to add a layer of security at the same time as taking important decisions about how teams communication and collaborate.

The business value to an organisation of adding the right Identity Governance and Administration components can be summarized as follows:

  • Improve access security, reducing the risk of unauthorized network access
  • Reduced time spent on data entry improves the performance of critical employees
  • Reduction in the number of calls related to forgotten passwords reduces support cost

The Evidian Access Services is a modular security solution, consisting of the Evidian Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) and the Evidian Authentication Manager.

    • Evidian Enterprise Single Sign-On: Replaces user passwords with a single authentication to simply access to all company applications and to enforce security on the applications with strong passwords.

  • Evidian Authentication Manager: Instead of the traditional login-password users can connect and authenticate themselves with a smart card, RFID, biometrics, QR code, OTP and their Smartphone.

Find out more about Evidian Access Service by contacting us, or by visiting the Unify Partner Portal.


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