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Every week I give you a run down of 5 things to read to get your week started. Everything from Tech to Millennial working habits and some of my perspective on top. Here’s my 5 things this week.

Are your Millennial employees bored? There is a good chance they are, the problem is you don’t necessarily want to invest in them because they could be off quickly right? But what if it’s actually that boredom that is causing them to leave in the first place. This article looks at whether boredom is behind the job hopping reputation of Millennials. Read More

5 Things
I love working from home, but if there is one thing that really bugs me it’s ensuring isolation is kept at bay. I’ve learnt not to feel guilty for going out with friends for lunch etc if anything it keeps me sane. But I’d argue that most organisation still don’t have the processes in place to adequately manager employees remotely. This article looks at whether remote working harms careers asa result. Read More
Lots of organisations buy collaboration tools. But for a lot of organisations that’s about as far as their thinking about collaboration goes. There’s always much more to collaboration than the platforms behind it, some of its cultural and some of it you really need to discuss before you choose a platform. This article looks at that side of the collaboration debate and give you some things to think about when thinking about your culture. Read More

Time was you’d start a new business in a garage… times are changing and could Co-Working spaces offer the garage of the 21st century? This article seems to thinks so. What are you seeing with the businesses you are working with? Read More

Another drone article caught my eye this weekend this one focusing on how drones could reshape the enterprise in the coming years. Read More

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