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Every week I give you a run down of 5 things to read to get your week started. Everything from Tech to Millennial working habits and some of my perspective on top. Here’s my 5 things this week.

One of the things that interests me most about the way work will change in the future is the way in which Digital Nativism (i.e. new employees who have had technology from a young age) will change the way teach children. This article looks at 4 Edtech trends shaping the future of education for children today. they may not impact your workplace today but they may do in the future. [4 Digital Trends in edTech and the Companies Behind Them | Inc.com] Read More

5 Things

Automation, Automation, Automation. Anyone would think I’m obsessed! I do think it’s such an important area for employers to get there heads round and all the evidence point’s to it having the biggest impact on the workplace in the next 10 years. In this article HBR explores some of the softer sides of automation and how important it is to bring along people with you as you automate [Prepare Your Workforce for the Automation Age] Read More

We talk a lot about Millennials at Unify especially when we talk about Circuit. But how do businesses attract and retain Millennial talent? Especially when they don’t seem to be as motivated by money as other generations? This article points to Corporate Social Mobility as one way organisations can bring in and retain this important generation. [4 Ways Employers are Using Corporate Social Responsibility To Recruit Millennials] Read More

The Cloud is coming all hail the Cloud! Or should that be the cloud has conquered all that stood before it. Whatever you think of the Cloud there is no arguing that it’s not a trend that seems to be going away. Our friends over at No Jitter have updated their annual Cloud Communications Survey and it certainly makes for some interesting reading on where Cloud communications are likely to go next. [The Rise of Cloud Comms: Insight from No Jitter Research – Post – No Jitter]Read More

My curveball article for this week, comes from the world of Cyber security. And is basically the news that San Francisco’s Muni transit system was hacked over the Thanksgiving weekend. Now you may be thinking ok no big deal. And in it of itself it’s certainly not. Hacking events happen all the time but we live in an age of connected devices that and software by design is not always great at preventing intrusion. Today we talk a lot about how usable software is but are we security aware? I’d argue probably not. What do you think? [San Francisco’s Muni transit system hacked, resulting in free rides for all] Read More

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