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Every week I give you a run down of 5 things to read to get your week started. Everything from Tech to Millennial working habits and some of my perspective on top. Here’s my 5 things this week.

How is leadership changing in your organisation? Is it at all? This article looks at how Millennials have shifted expectations of what leadership means? Read More

5 Things

With ever more data available from our IOT devices, our phones even our viewing habits on our T.V’s it hardly surprising this data is being used to automate our lives a bit more. This article looks at how Artificial intelligence is taking off and what Enterprises need to look out for with their own data. Read More

How ready are you for your workplace technology to be up to par with your home technology? For me its a constant frustration when using old or legacy systems that are slow and take forever to do a simple job, but every business has at least one system like that. This article looks at how there is no need for you communications system to be that one. Read More

Sabbaticals and Career breaks are not something we really associate with the modern workforce so how can you benefit from the same life changing experiences and keep working. This article has some suggestions on just that and how to get your organisation to agree to it. Read More

Could the end of the street light be coming sooner than you think? While this video is clearly a marketing stunt the technology to do it is open source and available today. But it’s not outside the realms of possibility that some bright spark could make a business out of it. Read More

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