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Every week I give you a run down of 5 things to read to get your week started. Everything from Tech to Millennial working habits and some of my perspective on top. Here’s my 5 things this week.

One of the elements that is most talked up about the future of work is that it is “On Demand” but what if On Demand isn’t that efficient? Are things like cleaning really that efficient when they are on demand? Probably not. This article explores smart scheduling and how perhaps “On Demand” isn’t appropriate for all circumstances. Read More

5 Things

What would you use to train artificial intelligence? Well the latest way Google is doing it is to play the popular game Starcraft II, seemingly this is because “it provides a useful bridge to the messiness of the real world” Let’s just hope DeepMind doesn’t get a taste for Intergalactic Conflict though. Read More

Could Scotland be Digital Nirvana for Digital Nomads? Well one member of the Scottish Parliament thinks so and here’s why.  Read More

Are Millennials more progressive? Well Newsweek has done some research suggesting that access to information that in previous generations was blocked is leading in general to a more progressive generation worldwide. Read More

As more and more of use work from co-working spaces so an etiquette is developing around them. Could you cope with a different deskmate every day? Read More

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