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Anyone that knows me will be aware that I am constantly campaigning for a ‘life microwave’ – where I can get 24 hours work done in just 8 hours. Sadly, to my knowledge, it hasn’t been invented yet, or at least it isn’t on my radar. In fact, it seems that the reverse is true – there is an invisible contraption that eats up hours far too quickly to be able to finish all the tasks in hand.

Or so I thought…

In a previous blog ‘confessions of an anywhere worker’ I calculated the number of productive hours that I had gained by not commuting since January 1st 2016. The formula is simple: Number of hours not commuted equates to the same number of hours being converted to time creating value to the business at my laptop. In other words, instead of being in a car on a motorway listening to Bat out of Hell at full blast and cursing the roadworks, I am at my laptop with a mug of tea, preparing my day, checking social, prioritizing emails, creating agendas, eating my breakfast. Far more civilized!

It is the same at the end of the day too. By not battling the traffic for an hour with some iconic 70’s pop music for company, I am actually taking that quieter period when everyone else is on their way home to round up my day, press ‘send’ on those emails and messages that didn’t quite get finished as I was interrupted, and see what tomorrow’s diary looks like in preparation. I am also then in a relaxed mood when I glide to the kitchen to become a domestic goddess and rustle up dinner for the family.

In September I met a milestone. Last month saw my non-commuted hours hit the magic number – I have officially converted 30.88 working days (of 9 hours) into productive time! With the aid of technology, I have created a work-life microwave.. 30.88 days is pretty much a whole MONTH!

I have established 2016 as a 13 month year. Genius! Now the hard part.. to work out what to do with all this extra time..

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