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9915510536_58ccf1d5ae_bThere are no wrong Thanksgiving Wines’ – A headline that caught my eye in the news (thank you Eric Asimov – The New York Times). I like wine. I like Holidays. So the perfect article for me to read over breakfast!

From the article, although primarily about the choice of beverage for the Thanksgiving table, I felt that this wine buff  intimated that  actually it isn’t that important what wine, or which glassware, or even if you drank from paper cups – what is important is that everyone is together and that the wine doesn’t run out. I can get right on board with this – and would very much like to be invited to his Holiday feast!

What about though, those that cannot get together  through commitments, distance, circumstance? The World is becoming a smaller place, and tech is having a large part to play.

This holiday, surely more people must be able to make it home for Thanksgiving? Flex working and remote working (the Anywhere Workers among us) means that people aren’t chained to a desk, struggling to get the same flight home as a gazillion (*slight* exaggeration) other people at the last minute when work finishes at 5pm the day before. They can travel earlier, days earlier, and still be productive and working from a different sofa or chair.

Location is important if it is where the family feast is being held. When you have the right tech and tools  location as an anywhere worker is an afterthought (until you find somewhere that has no wifi that is!).

What if you are not a flex worker? Well tech can still help with those video calls to the family, and I guess you can drink your own wine without having to worry about driving. In fact – these video  calls are the ONLY time that it is acceptable to have your phones or tablets at the table – when you are bringing a loved one into the celebrations virtually.

Thank heavens for Tech – bringing people together.


Wherever you will be, we wish you a Happy Holiday !

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