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Every week I give you a run down of 5 things to read to get your week started. Everything from Tech to Millennial working habits and some of my perspective on top. Here’s my 5 things this week. This is our last edition before the new year we’ll be back in mid January with more.

We’ve talked a lot in this blog about the future of work, but how does this scale when we start to think about the fundamental shifts in society it brings? This article on Business Insider looks at how Cities need to adapt to the challenge of the future of work as well. [How cities can prepare for the future of work – Business Insider]

5 Things

How important is how we treat each other? I’d argue it’s pretty important and one of the cornerstones of modern society. Are we in a time when it’s breaking down though? This article explores what leaders can do to lead across boundaries. [Leading Across Boundaries: Respect, Leadership And The Future Of Work]

Our friends over at Plantronics recently spoke to the team at CRN about how remote working is helping them to plug their skills gaps particularly in the UK where their recruiting radius went from 50 miles to wherever talent lives in the UK. [Remote working is plugging skills gap – Plantronics | CRN]

Will you be working in VR in 2017? Well Information Age thinks its one of the big four things that will change in the workplace in 2017. Excuse me while I plug my VR headset to visit our office in Milton Keynes. [4 ways the workplace will change in 2017]

I guess I’m one of those Millennials that talks about Millennials a lot. But some of the work I do outside of work is helping Generation Z get to grips with todays workplace. And while pretty much every business has at least heard of Millennials I’d argue it’s actually Gen Z they should be more worried about. If the Baby Boomers and Xers made Millennials believe anything was in their grasp Gen Z have a very different outlook [Stop Talking About Millennials and Get Ready for Gen Z]

What do you think of the articles I’ve shared today. Share you opinion with us in the space below or tweet me at @jaysteruktech

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