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In the absence of  Mark, the Monday blogger, who is currently enjoying some annual leave in the build up to the festivities ahead (that’s Christmas if you weren’t sure), I  thought I would stray from Friday into Monday and see what 5 things I would start the week with! Now Mark shares everything from Tech to working habits and his own perspective.

So tentatively dipping my toe into the Monday blogging world, here’s my Monday venture into starting your week:

5 Things

  1. Virtual reality getting literally everywhere. Last week Mark asked ‘will you be working in VR in 2017? Well Google Earth VR is set to ‘let you play superhero – fly anywhere in the world and, dataset permitting, get up close and personal in rich and vibrant 3D’.
  2. Is technology good for us? You may recall that Unify ran research into the Way we Work, and asked whether we believed that jobs would change – and some roles completely obsolete. It seems that our respondees werent the only ones with concerns as Tech Tent talks ‘Shop Smart’
  3. The Flexible working trend. It seems that the choice of flexible working rather than a pay rise is becoming more popular – and this article (specifically around Lawyers in the UK) makes a LOT of sense: 67% of lawyers would choose flexible working over a 5% pay increase
  4. Save The Children’s Christmas Jumper Day is on Friday 16 December, so there’s still time to grab yourself a new jumper to suit your personality. It’s always great to find a site that comes up trumps when you search for ‘christmas jumpers for geeks’ though am struggling to find some real ‘wearable tech’ Christmas jumpers. Maybe next year!
  5. On the subject of Christmas – what are we being told are the best tech gifts this year? What is Santa *hopefully* bringing you? Here’s ZDNet’s suggestions/food for thought: http://www.zdnet.com/pictures/2016-christmas-gift-guide-top-tech-gadgets-to-give-this-season/


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