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So last week I took a look at some of the lesser discussed ripples that are as a result of home working – all because I read an article on falling shampoo sales!

To continue…

Commuting. As well as that extra half hour in bed, working from home means no commute time. Personally I use this for the Gym or to prep for my day and get ahead.  Not commuting also saves cost. Costs of fuel, or fares. Less wear and tear on your car – so longer periods between servicing. No sitting on motorways in traffic jams for hours – whilst engines are running all around you adding to polluting the atmosphere.  Homeworking really helps towards reducing your own carbon footprint. Also, the less miles you do – then you are less likely to receive a speeding ticket maybe? Or maybe even the chances of  accidents are less – Insurance Companies assess rick including number of miles travelled – so maybe even savings on insurance could be had?  Not commuting is a bit of a win win for us anywhere workers. No getting stuck in snow, no having to scrape the ice off your car whilst wishing you had remembered to put gloves in the boot, no cursing as lorries pass and spray so much rain on your windscreen that visibility is at zero!

Location! You get to the office and have the luxury of your organisation footing the bill for lighting, heating, water, broadband etc for 9 hours a day.  Well, I pay for broadband anyway – there would be a riot if the family couldn’t watch their TV programmes when they wanted – so that’s already in place – and doesn’t increase just because I use internet whilst everyone else is out at work or in education. I would say that the eensy weensy bit of extra electricity for a laptop and sometimes little extra heat in the winter – well, it is nothing like what I am saving on my commute costs. After all – the lights are on and the heating on in the winter when school is out  anyway!

Sustinence.  We all have to eat. Fact.  When going into the office you can either spend time prepping lunch AND remembering to take it OR buy a ready made lunch at a cost of far more than you could make it for at home.  At home, you eat when you like, from your regular groceries – far cheaper than buying out – and generally far healthier too… unless you count the extra packet of biscuits to go with the coffee…..

‘Incidentals’ *cough*. OK, someone had to say it, as I am trying to look at as much impact as possible – loo roll. The facilities in the office are used less, and home comforts of your own brand of toilet tissue is increased. So your home shop may go up by a roll or two a week and the office procurement of this may drop. I am sure it evens out and we won’t be seeing a toilet roll decline in sales globally. Now THAT would be a worrying trend!

Health & Fitness. I have a gym at the office. However… for me – to use the office gym is a dichotomy.  Option 1: get up REALLY early, go in, workout, get ready at work (full routine, including using shampoos and hairdryer and makeup) and hope my face is not still red when I am sat at my desk for 9am.  Option 2: At lunch  time, get changed, work out for 10 minutes, then start panicking because to fit this into a one hour lunch – I would need to stop already so I have time to shower/shampoo hair, reapply makeup etc.  Complete the getting dressed for work – run to desk as it still took 70 minutes (only 10 mins was actually working out) and regret having skipped lunch because you didn’t have time for both. Or, option 3: go at end of day.  Really? Not going to happen. I already have a commute to face and if I stay in the gym I will be a couple of hours longer before even stepping across the threshold into home and relax.  Working from home – a TOTALLY different experience. Put gym clothes on in morning. Work til lunch. Pop to gym. Work out for 40 minutes. Dash home, quick shower (minus hair wash – because no one will notice), apply just mascara, be back and working at my desk with a healthy lunch from the fridge and no one can see that I am still beetroot coloured from my exertions. Absolute no brainer!  It also means that I will actually use my gym membership – and it not be the most expensive, unused plastic card in my purse!

The ripples of home working are felt in many areas. Some will have a larger impact on money or the environment than others.  Some will purely enhance our ability to work where we are most productive – without loss of customer experience.

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