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Tressa BrophyI live in Boise, Idaho, where we are having our most severe winter in 25 years. We’ve been buried in snow for weeks, and today the temperature will dip to a biting -7 degrees Fahrenheit. Driving is not pleasant, and flying is a hit-and-miss game.

While the kiddies are loving their snow days off from school, I’m loving my snowy days, working from the warmth and safety of home. To be honest, it’s not much different from the office, apart from spending much of the day in my slippers.

At Unify, we do so much global collaboration via Circuit that winter storms really don’t faze most of us. We easily text, call, share files and screens. We’re also as likely to catch up on the post-holiday news via a virtual coffee break as we would in the office. Circuit is a strong enough social experience that we work together pretty much as we would in an office, but with a little more comfort and focus.  It doesn’t really matter where we are.

It’s also incredibly important that calls to my business phone seamlessly come to me via Circuit. It is essential that I am available to our partners and agencies. Calling me at home via my business number is totally transparent to them – they have no idea I’m not in the office.

If you’re snowed in, worried about the safety of employees driving on bad roads, stranded in an airport or hotel – or needing to be available to customers in the same situations — maybe it’s time to try Circuit. The basic license is free – though for a small investment, you can create a more seamless experience with your phone system too. Give it a shot – and stay safe, warm and productive no matter the weather.


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2 comments on “Snowed in and Totally Productive
  1. Lisa says:

    As a Canadian I can totally relate! I love that I can be inspired professionally by the coziness of home in nasty weather conditions.

  2. Bob says:

    Great to be weather-agnostic and work-productive! Happy Friday!