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I was driving into the office on a very rare occasion just before Christmas, listening to the radio when the news came on. I absolutely could not tell you what was on the rest of the news, but my ears pricked up when the newsreader declared ‘Shampoo sales down in the UK by £23 million in the last year, partly due to flexiblshutterstock_47999719e working’.

Oh.. My.. Word!

Whoever would have thought that?!

So, I had a dig around online just to check that I had heard correctly. There it was. On the internet – so it must be true ! Yup, definitely a news story on this very subject.

I must point out that working from home is not the only reason for such a sharp decline in sales – but it was one of the top factors, followed by a decline in smokers (Shampoo sales fall by £23million over the past year… because women who work at home don’t bother to wash their hair ). For me, it isn’t that we ‘don’t bother’ to wash our hair – it is more ‘having less pressure to create a brand image of myself in the office’.  It must surely also be that actually, travelling to the office makes your hair dirtier – especially on the underground, or if having to wait on train platforms in rain or snow or wind.

I carried on reading, and it transpires that there was also a fashion (longer, messier hair  styles) and a detox trend that underpinned the headline. Then it went on to say that ‘Razors take a cut too’.  Now we all know that currently there is a huge trend for beards (mostly on men!), but maybe the home working means less reason to shave as often too.

So does this mean that along with all the other fabulous benefits of working from home, we can count savings on toiletries as another bonus? Should we be worried about a decline in personal hygiene – or do we actually stay cleaner for longer in our own homes?

Thankfully, even tho we speak over the phone or online, we haven’t given up brushing our teeth as that sector thrives and grows.

My little mind ticking over then considers.. if shampoo sales are down by £23m – then one can assume that a lot less is being manufactured – reducing the amount of plastic being produced and requiring recycling – or even worse being sent to landfill.

This working from home… it’s more and more appealing. I think it *might* just be catching on you know!


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