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Here at Circuit HQ we are loving some of the new features Apple has introduced in iOS 10. Finally users have more control over how they communicate. With collaboration apps like Circuit, the traditional mobile call isn’t the main and dominating communication method anymore, that pushes everything else into the background. So what exactly has Apple introduced with their CallKit API, and how do we leverage it for Circuit?

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With CallKit you have much more control over how calls in Circuit are presented and how they interact with the native device cell phone. One thing you probably have experienced yourself is being on a call in Circuit on you iPhone and then someone would call your mobile and it would instantly interrupt your Circuit call – not even giving you time to say “hold on I have another call I have to take”. Now in iOS10 you are informed that there is another call coming in on the mobile phone and you have the chance to accept or decline this call. The Circuit call stays up and connected while you make this decision. So you can say “Sorry I have to go my wife is calling!”. This feature also works the other way round so if you are on a cell call and then someone calls you on Circuit you get notified and can decide which call to continue with.

Another great new feature of CallKit on iOS10 is that you can answer incoming Circuit calls directly from the lock screen using the native iOS call control. So no more having to unlock your phone before you can answer that important call.

Callkit also allows you to integrate in the call history on your device, so every call you make using Circuit on your mobile device will also show up in the phones call log. Now you can have a complete history of the calls you made and redial that person or conference bridge directly from the phones call history.

Another iOS feature that we all love here at Circuit HQ is Siri, allowing you to control your phone while on the go with simple voice commands. Up until now though that has only worked for native iOS applications. Now with the SiriKit API in iOS10, we can also integrate Circuit into Siri. Now you can make calls, join conferences and send messages to all your favorite people in Circuit using Siri.
With these enhancements, users are another significant step further towards using their smartphones as the multimodal, cutting edge productivity and collaboration platform it is.

Dick Abbotts has worked in the communications industry for over 20 years in a broad range of roles including development, professional services, product management and sales support. Currently his role is Business Development. This role includes internal innovation projects looking at changes in the world of communication and how these affect and can be reflected in the Siemens Enterprise Communications portfolio of products. He also works with customers and partners helping them to produce innovative solutions using the open interfaces of the OpenScape solution. Dick’s current main focus is in the area of Social Media within the enterprise and support of the OpenScape Fusion Developer Program. Dick’s a keen golfer and always on the look out for someone to go for a game with. All offers considered.

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