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We’re expanding our award winning shared services center (SSC) in Sofia, Bulgaria. The SSC was originally intended as a 150 person service center providing finance support to 4 countries. It has grown now to a 325 person facility that provides multi-functional (finance, supply chain, IT and Marketing) services to 18 countries, 52 legal entities covering nine languages and multiple time zones. See our 14 vacancies in Sofia below:

German Speaking Junior Accountant Funding – http://blog.unify.com/job/german-speaking-junior-accountant-funding/

Senior Analyst – Group Consolidation – http://blog.unify.com/job/senior-analyst-group-consolidation/

IT Service Manager – Master Data non SAP – http://blog.unify.com/job/it-service-manager-master-data-non-sap/

German Speaking Accounts Payable / Receivable Specialist – http://blog.unify.com/job/german-speaking-accounts-payable-receivable-specialist/

Accounts Payable / Receivable Specialist – http://blog.unify.com/job/accounts-payable-receivable-specialist/

French Speaking Accounts Payable / Receivable Specialist – http://blog.unify.com/job/7444/

English Speaking Business Analyst Order Management – http://blog.unify.com/job/english-speaking-business-analyst-order-management/

German Speaking Business Analyst Order Management – http://blog.unify.com/job/german-speaking-business-analyst-order-management/

Dutch Speaking Business Analyst Order Management – http://blog.unify.com/job/dutch-speaking-business-analyst-order-management/

Financial Analyst (Controlling) – http://blog.unify.com/job/finance-analyst/

Senior Controller – http://blog.unify.com/job/senior-controller/

German Speaking Business Analyst (OTB) – http://blog.unify.com/job/german-speaking-business-analyst/

Social Media Manager – http://blog.unify.com/job/social-media-manager/

Senior Financial Systems Analyst – http://blog.unify.com/job/senior-financial-systems-analyst/




Product Owner for OpenScape Cloud and senior leader for Digital and Growth. Specialist in Digital Engagement and SaaS launches with interests ranging from Social Media through to Gamification and New Ways to Work.

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  1. Karen Miller says:

    Such impressive growth and variety of services! Keep up the great job!

  2. dinho iwamoto says:

    Good news! Impressive growth and very good services!

  3. Aaron Olmedo says:

    Great news and amazing growth, nice to see also social media positions.

  4. Good news and a lot of information inside!

  5. Arne Belter says:

    All on board the Unify train