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Make sure you’re committed to local engagement to deliver more relevant local services, a better citizen experience, and a more transparent democratic process.

Apart from local authorities’ statutory duty to work with their local community there are several other good reasons to build a strong engagement strategy that cuts across the culture of the organisation – from the chief executive and local councillors to senior managers and frontline staff.



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5 comments on “Seven reasons why you should be thinking about a community engagement strategy
  1. Dinho Iwamoto says:

    It is a great article with powerful ideas. Thank you!
    We are having recent improvements @SãoPaulo, the biggest Brazilian City, related to local engagement and the public administration.

  2. Paul Lang says:

    Great insight and relevant globally

  3. Jones Pimentel says:

    Inspiring ideas for community engagement. Good to see that they are already implemented in some communities.

  4. Minas Botsis says:

    Great post! I liked the grphics used. Thank you Stuard!

  5. Arne Belter says:

    Good idea. Keep customers active boost the customer journey and will help us to generate more loyal customers and advocates throughout our users.