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There’s a common belief that call centre software is solely for call centres; that belief is wrong. There are many businesses who wouldn’t class themselves as call centres that would benefit hugely from implementing this kind of software.

Call Centre Software, or Customer Relationship Management Software, provides a variety of features that can help a business grow. Features such as queue management, tool integration and real time/historical reporting are just some of the tools that can give a business the platform to improve and progress.

Take a look at our three main benefits of implementing Call Centre Software:

Employee Efficiency and Productivity

Even if you’re not a call centre, managing your inbound calls as if you were can help to increase efficiency. Most businesses need to be able to provide support to their customers, which is where call centre software can really help. Staff are easily able to track and escalate any queries or faults meaning time isn’t spent unnecessarily liaising with other departments.

Better Customer Service

When your customers call you they more often than not need some help or have a question. With Call Centre Software you can ensure that your customer is quickly and efficiently directed to the correct department or person.

As well as routing calls, the software offers a platform for real-time information exchange between staff. This cuts out any potential waiting time for the customer if calls need to be transferred.

This paired with a business-quality phone system allows for seamless interaction between you and your customers. If you’re unsure about what phone system features would best suit your business, then check out DuoCall’s Unify Triple Play Platform.

Reporting – finding opportunities for improvement

Call Centre Software allows you to gather in-depth call reports and data. By doing this you’re able to not only monitor staff performance but also identify areas in which your customer service team can improve.

For example, if staff are taking excess time to answer calls, you know that this is something that needs to be improved. Similarly, if it’s taking too much time for inbound calls to be dealt with by support staff you may need to either upskill them or put new procedures in place when it comes to dealing with inbound calls.

It’s important to remember that Call Centre Software isn’t solely for businesses that operate a traditional ‘call centre’. The number of different features available can play a huge role in the development of staff, improvement in customer experience and overall growth of a business.


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11 comments on “Guest Blog: Could your business benefit from call centre software?
  1. absolutely right… a CRM software integrated with the collaboration solution reduces the call resolution time to customers dramatically…

  2. Aaron Watts says:

    Benefits customers, staff and a businesses bottom line – win win in my book.

  3. We have just competed implementation of Unify Openscape Business Contact Centre in the cloud. Here the overriding requirement was a mechanism to manage and monitor staff performance against KPIs. This is becoming increasingly important.

  4. Arne Belter says:

    Great article. Many customers still do not value the effects of an intelligent call center solution.

  5. dinho iwamoto says:

    Great article. Well done!
    The interaction centers are key for the business grow.

  6. Minas Botsis says:

    Thank you Aaron for the post. It is brief as well as rich in content. I will bookmark it as a “Call Center Software” reference point.

  7. Lisa Campbell says:

    There’s so much opportunity for the whole organization in empowering customers to connect with your organization and sharing those results for more informed decisions – you’ve captured that quite nicely here Aaron. Well done!

  8. Aaron Olmedo says:

    Contact Center some times doesn’t have the right idea and benefits of improvement of customer experience plus additonal sales. As well also have the right people connected with customer request.

  9. Aaron Watts says:

    Thank you everybody for your comments. I appreciate the feedback and am glad that you found the article interesting and engaging.

  10. Rene Hochstenbach says:

    Good read. I believe that every company on the planet has a contact center inside. there is always someone answering the phone.. just on the reporting side every company needs this. we are stuck in assuming how reachable we are, where in fact with the right reporting we know..

    It would be even better when we would have apay-as-you-use model, so that commercial companies could just use what ever they need in times of a campaign. giving them a much clearer upfront overview of the costs and benefit of the real return on investment after their campaign..

  11. Tutu Helper says:

    Always great to come to Unify Blog as the information shared is good and is explained in simple words. Good article you’ve written Aaron, thank you for sharing a nice article.