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Exploring OpenScape Xpert

As mentioned in my last blog, here is that shameless plug for our vision of what next generation emergency response should look like: It’s an intelligent multiline dispatching application that accelerates incident response and coordination on DoD posts, camps and stations. And, it’s named OpenScape Xpert.

OpenScape Xpert allows dispatch personnel to manage a virtually unlimited number of calls in parallel. They can disseminate the available intelligence from these calls to colleagues anywhere, at any time and on any device. Radio integration simplifies incident collaboration between on the ground services and other support organizations.

Emergency personnel, C2 controllers, mobile security forces and on-site commanders can communicate seamlessly via landline, mobile phone, land mobile radio, satellite communications, or other devices in secure and non-secure modes.

As an incident unfolds, a graphical display helps operators identify and prioritize incoming calls by importance, not sequence. Speed dialling connects them to key personnel in an instant – and should decision-makers be on another call, OpenScape Xpert allows operators to ‘barge in’ or join existing calls. And should it become necessary to notify a wider group of stakeholders or local populations, OpenScape Xpert can broadcast alerts and messages.

The operative interface, such a crucial element in speed and accuracy of call management, can be optimized for each individual dispatcher – whether they’re accessing OpenScape on a dedicated terminal in the EOC or on a standard off-the-shelf laptop in another remote


Lines to first responders are kept open, audio and video conferences are instantly established, and all incoming calls are logged. No call goes unanswered. And conversations are monitored

and recorded.

A heritage of military service

OpenScape Xpert is designed to assure the faultless 24x7x365 operation required by emergency response communications. It’s underpinned by Unify’s carrier-grade switch to deliver 99.999% uptime – or less than six minutes of downtime during continual operation in any one year.

OpenScape Xpert builds on Unify’s communications leadership – its solutions already deployed at over 150 US Air Force and Air National Guard locations worldwide, with integrated solutions

the C2 standard for Pacific Air Force, Air Mobility Command, Air Combat Command, Air Force Space Command, US Air Force-Europe, and Air Force Reserve.

Contact center functionality, repurposed for post, camps and station dispatch, assures the swiftest possible response and gives emergency command center powerful new options to manage call volumes, integrate multiple media channels and to enhance collaboration through Unify’s leading unified communications portfolio.

And because OpenScape Xpert is built on a pure, standards-based IP architecture it will seamlessly integrate with existing command and control infrastructures and applications – minimizing communications latency, deployment and support requirements and eliminating costs throughout the system. It addresses federal agency operational and financial imperatives.

Offering the manageability, security, resiliency, and flexibility today’s command and control centers need, OpenScape Xpert is the logical choice for today’s transitioning emergency response teams.

Innovation at the heart of dispatch transformation

An effective response to on-post incidents of any size requires speed, information accuracy and seamless collaboration across your dispatch environment – three things legacy infrastructures often struggle to provide.

Transitioning to an IP-based dispatch platform offers armed services a way ahead – adding a wealth of capabilities to access, disseminate and action the intelligence flowing to and from the emergency. And it does so while addressing the high costs of existing solutions, providing

application development and integration opportunities, and by delivering the kind of information security and reporting demanded by federal authorities.

But for all that, the need to extract maximum value from existing dispatch infrastructures and to ensure high levels of integration and support remains. The answer is to innovate with new approaches and to integrate powerful new collaboration capabilities.

While there is no silver bullet to the challenges facing the DoD over the coming decades, fresh approaches to EOC dispatch offer real opportunities to dramatically enhance operational responsiveness, operator efficiency and incident communication and collaboration.

OpenScape Xpert offers a cost effective answer to these technical and operational challenges to support base response teams now and in the future. Moreover, Unify provides specialized

support services to help the armed services create a dispatch environment that directly addresses their specific challenges and strategic objectives.

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  1. Michael Brust says:

    Very very interesting and useful blog entry.

  2. Aaron Olmedo says:

    Openscape Xpert is quite a great tool for any Defense department and great availibilty (99.999%).

  3. Arne Belter says:

    Sometimes I think we underestimate the advantages of the OpenScape Xpert solution. Therefore – great article.

  4. Karen Miller says:

    Great article. The OpenScape Xpert solution is so flexible, with so many advantages that allow customization for a multitude of solutions.