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I was reading an article recently around remote working, and discovered that there is a ‘National Work from Home Day’ here in the UK – on Friday 19th May 2017. Now there are, to be fair, a few ‘national days’ of questionable origin which require an interest in pretty obscure activities,  but this one I can get onboard with.

According to the article I mentioned, an analysis of official figures by the TUC to mark National Work From Home Day talks about the sharp rise in people working from home – particularly in the decade from 2005 – 2015. So I did some digging!

The Office National Statistics website is full of facts… interesting facts – about work in the UK.  For example –  between September and November 2016 1,915,000 people were ‘officially’ classed as home workers in the UK (source).  This classification of homeworker differs a little from industry definitions of home working.

92.9% of UK citizens are still travelling to work regularly.  Consider for a moment just how much congestion that is causing on the roads and how overloaded our Public Transport system is. That is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Emissions, air quality, cost of running a vehicle, wear and tear on the roads, all taking their toll (pun intended !)…

Looking at my new favourite website (geek!) The Office of National Statistics publishes research around how we travel to work.  In 2015 a huge 69% of the total workforce commutes were by car, van, works van or minibus.. then another 1% for scooters.  That is a LOT of fuel, tax, servicing and environmental impact.

And the human element – well – let’s take a look at that!

How many people would work more effectively with an extra’s hour of sleep each day – just imagine just an extra half hour of not  commuting each day – and how you could shuffle activities around to reach the utopia of that, all too elusive, 8 hours sleep a night! Stress levels could fall, although sales of treatments to combat bags under eyes may suffer…

The TUC website (another new found source of fascinating information!) says that in 2014, people that normally work from home hit the 4,000,000 mark. This article goes on to talk about the benefits of home working to disabled, with this number being 650,000 at that time. Interestingly though, it anticipates the tailing off of home working as it has barely kept up with the rise in employment.

My plan for 19th May this year is to support ‘National Work from Home Day’ in true remote worker style.. In my home office, seamlessly delivering productivity to all internal and external customers exactly as I would if I had been in the office – but wearing slippers and having had that extra hour’s sleep.

Where will you be working?


*work from home classification:
(In your main job) do you work mainly…
1 in your own home,
2 in the same grounds or buildings as your home,
3 in different places using home as a base,
4 or somewhere quite separate from home?


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13 comments on “Where will you be on 19th May?
  1. Minas Botsis says:

    *By then the weather will be warm and sunny. I would rather make it a long weekend.
    Seriously, I believe that it would make great sense to have the number of the employees who could potentially be remote workers (e.g. working from home) and the number of them who actually work remotely. As a matter of fact, there are several jobs that from their nature require one to be at a specific place.
    Having such data, we could brainstorm what is missing to attract more to work effectively from home and what could be provided to some more professions to allow them working remotely.
    To many said in a single comment 🙂 Thank you Paula for the interesting post!

  2. Arne Belter says:

    19th May – great, now I have to look up if we have anything similar in Germany

  3. Lisa Campbell says:

    On behalf of Canada I will officially adopt this as “Work from the Cottage” day. It happens to fall on the Friday before our Victoria Day long weekend so I will make the “sacrifice” to head up early and work remotely from there 😀

  4. I will work from home that day, as it is my sisters birthday and I would need the extra hour to prepare the present 🙂

  5. Fulvio says:

    I will work sitting on my sunny terrace, with silence and flowers around me and and a special smile on my face everytime I will answer the phone or reply to an email. Power of the beauty around you!! By the way, In Italy We are very excited for the “Smartworking Week” (May, from 22th to 26 th) in Milan, organized by the Municipality of Milan for all companies based in the city. Have a look at this news on the most important Italian newspaper: The article is in Italian, first pictures inside were taken last year and Unify employees have been absolutely ….protagonists with a lot of different workplace…http://milano.repubblica.it/cronaca/2017/04/26/news/lavoro_agile_settimana_milano-163941998/

  6. Catherine Ambrose says:

    I’m a little jealous of Fulvio!
    I would love to be working on a sunny terrace with silence and flowers!
    I will be at home (no doubt it will be a rainy day)but dreaming of the terrace and flowers!!

  7. Jim Burke says:

    Interesting subject. I would go so far to say productivity may even increase.

  8. as an anywhere worker I now am at the iPhone repair shop. Yes again a screen thingy. and honestly, Circuit allows me to seriously work anywhere anytime.. not just May 19th.

  9. Andrew Cheel says:

    Interesting how the stars align isn’t it. Practically 15 years to the day, I started working from home, and I can truly say, I would not change it for anything. The reason I say this is not because I like spending my days on my own; our technology ensures this is not the case, as I’m linked to my customers and colleagues just like we’re all in the same location. It’s because, I have been able to put in a decent shift each and every day, but still have time for my family while saving an astounding amount of time and money. When you stop and think about it, I personally have saved in the region of 6,050 hours not doing the daily commute and £70K on season tickets. Quite a saving wouldn’t you say.

  10. Paula says:

    always quite scary when you look at the time and the £€$’s impact!