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By Franziska Schneider, Director of Partner Introduction at Unify


How often are you invited to training?  Personally, it happens a LOT! Every time I think ‘great! an opportunity to meet new people, to learn something new, and just have some time out from the challenging office everyday life’.

So, I really get excited about it. However, as in a lot of cases, the reality is quite the opposite of exciting.  It is training ‘as usual’, with a trainer in front of you telling you all the nice theory. Where is the practical part? Often, you don’t get that. At the end you are taking your nice brochures or book home – just for it to remain unforgotten on a shelf gathering dust. One week later you have forgotten most of the training.  Such a shame!

Training should bring fun, should help you to change thinking, and should help you to step out of your normal, standard way of doing things.

This was in my mind when I started the introduction on a training session to our partners. I wanted to offer a workshop which is different to former classes they visit.  I wanted to provide a lot of exercises and interactivity during the day – not power point but real examples. So –  I started my search and quickly found a company called Natural Training to help me here. Together with Natural Training we developed training where the sales teams get better trained, able to deliver compelling propositions and create new customer appointments in just 1 day. We integrated coaching sessions based on small exercises, and at the end of the day, the sales people received feedback from the coach when doing real calls to real customers.

This is the way I would like to see training delivered. The great thing about it was the feedback from the people who participated in the workshop – which was extremely positive.

Are you a Unify Partner and interested in such training? Watch the video and reach out to us.

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5 comments on “The ‘somewhat different’ training.
  1. Karen Miller says:

    How engaging and productive this training sounds. Participating and practicing with all this new information, plus the immediate feedback, does make training fun and using the information much easier. Great job!

  2. Arne Belter says:

    Great video and even greater idea.
    A bad teacher can ruin a lot of pupils.

  3. Lisa Campbell says:

    I suspect that demonstrating the learning opportunity in an interactive helps reinforce the message, so it doesn’t disappear as soon as you leave the session … nice work!

  4. Jon Davies says:

    Experiential training is the way ahead folks. Here at Get the Edge we teach theory through a series of interactive challenges on a series of topics. Through our debriefs our delegates discover new methods, approaches, solutions for themselves that they can impact their results and the business with on their return.
    http://Www.gettheedgeuk.co.uk. …its in the name

  5. Interesting read!