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So there we have it – the definition of a white-collar worker in black and white. But is this a little out of date? After all – the term can be traced back to 1935!

A lot sure has changed in the last 82 years. The original white-collar worker started to move with the times – and substituted their crisp white office dress shirts, for example, in the 70’s to add a little more colour (and a lot more collar!), to the 90’s where ‘any colour shirt will do’. However – the role was the same – office bound, desk bound, manual typewriters, then electric typewriters, through to communal computers that did specific tasks that we all had to share (yes… I do remember… ).

What about now? As we are becoming more mobile, more flexible – when our offices are becoming coffee shops or our homes – or anywhere that has wifi or 4G! My case in point – I recently got held up in traffic on a motorway for 8 ½ hours. Yep – EIGHT AND A HALF hours. I was able to let everyone know where I was, where to avoid, and was able to respond to business critical communications as they happened – as well as my daily run of the mill activities. Was I wearing a white collar? Absolutely not. Mind you, I wasn’t wearing my PJ’s and slippers as I might have been was I working from home. Was I executing my job role in the manner of such a worker? Absolutely Yes!

I guess what I am saying is that times they are a’changing. Core roles may remain the same – they are just executed in a different way, in a different environment, and at different times – thanks to collaborative, mobile technology such as Circuit.

Essentially, the ‘white collar’ worker persona still exists.. it is just that we have all embraced change and are now actually more of a ‘jeans and T’ or, it has been known to be a ‘pyjamas and bunny slippers’ worker!

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white-collar worker in British
(ˈwaɪtˌkɒlə ˈwɜːkə)
a person whose job is professional or clerical and usually salaried
White-collar workers now work longer hours.
Source: Collins English Dictionary.

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3 comments on “The demise of the white collar worker
  1. Rob Keenan says:

    think I used to be one until I invented the anywhere worker

  2. Very nice read Paula… made me smile…

  3. being a multi tasking distributor type of person I am more anything anywhere not wearing a tie worker