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Hey technology experts, integration partners and developers – we have a special event just for you! Just one week after our Unify Partner Conference (UPC) we will continue the momentum and demonstrate our dedication to our partner community, with a

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If you look at the technology used in the consumer space over the past decade, you will see an unmistakeable trend towards software technology adapting to the behaviour of people. Can you imagine a mobile app that came with an

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Delivering the promise of a #NW2W Or Zen and the Art of the Collaboration I manage a global marketing team at Unify. One of my core principles in work and communication is to be highly responsive. Feedback is important, but

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Today’s workforces can collaborate better than ever before, but several technology companies are demonstrating that we have only just begun to exploit the capabilities available to us–and that change is critical for effectively moving business communications forward. Services from content-sharing

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I’d like to share an experience while driving to Italy last month. I managed to get a flat tyre along the way. It was Saturday at 4pm and, of course, there is no spare tyre in my car. I tried

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OpenScape Suite Version 7 is Siemens Enterprise Communication’s current answer to an evolving and more widely dispersed mobile workplace. I say current answer as tomorrow’s demands maybe totally different such is the speed at which it’s changing, but that’s another

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