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Is this one of those tipping points where new trends come to the fore — having a significant and increasing impact on how we interact, work and play? Beyond the continuing impact of social, mobile and cloud, the horizon glitters

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WHAT’S NEXT: Our Predictions for 2018

Most. likely, we all think the phrase “inflection point” is now a tired and overused business cliché. However, we may well be at one of those defining tipping points where something new comes to the fore, having a significant and

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Spectre and Meltdown Recommended Actions for Unify Products and Servers

Unify products operate as closed systems, where only approved software is active. This dramatically reduces the risk of the Spectre & Meltdown vulnerabilities to a low level where we can recommend that proactive patching of the operating systems, to mitigate

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“Did you email that information to me or say it in chat?” “I think I said it on the conference call. Or maybe I texted it to you”. Cue a never-ending quest to hunt down that vital statistic that everyone

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Bernd Wagner, CEO Unify Germany, takes the trophy for OpenScape Enterprise (1st place Voice platforms for large enterprises).

We are excited to share that Unify has been recognized by Funkschau, Germany’s premier specialist telecoms publication, in its 2017 Product of the Year Awards. Unify products took home prizes in five categories.

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What to consider in a Digital Education strategy

First we need to talk about learning. Education, that comes through learning, is one of the largest barriers that we have in our equalitarian world. This is based on the fact that people who studied for a higher education typically

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