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Last week I attended the Wall Street Journal Digital Live event in California, a premier global technology conference that brings together the best CEOs, company founders, and innovative minds to explore the most exciting opportunities for tech around the world.

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Everywhere we go online, we leave digital breadcrumbs. Not only do we scatter them behind us when we navigate the web, use our smartphones or even drive our cars, but corporations, the government and other organizations are vacuuming up these

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is, depending on whom you ask, already here, still in its formative stages, just a buzzword or vastly overhyped. But suffice to say, however you want to define IoT, it is a paradigm shift and

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So you’re thinking how on earth does that happen?  Let me explain. I’ve been an anywhere worker for some time, my first memory of working on a plane goes way back to the 1980’s. My briefcase was full of typed

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Not long ago I was in a session at a unified communications industry conference and the presenter asked how many millennials — who are projected to comprise 50 percent of the workforce by 2020 — were in the audience. One

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Earlier today Sheila McGee-Smith talked up some of our recent announcements here at Unify. It’s a great feeling to feel the ship turning but sometimes the shift can be imperceptible to the outside world so I’m thrilled to see Sheila

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