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“In the high-stakes fast-moving environment of defense there can be no more efficient and quicker model for keeping defense personnel connected”

The application of unified communications represents an exponential leap in the capability to exchange information quickly and accurately among defense personnel.

The communications domain of the defense community is like no other. It contains the requirement to pass highly sensitive intelligence data, secure orders and important logistic detail across the globe in an operational environment which is permanently contested. The secure communication requirements overlap the need for extensive corporate business processes such as training, personnel, and administration. Read more ›

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One key ambition with our March update was to make it easier for you to stay in touch with your colleagues on Circuit. Specifically, we have heard your feedback on how user presence is displayed in Circuit and implemented a few tweaks and changes: Read more ›

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New research finds that flexible work lifestyles are not an ‘all or nothing’ affair

At Unify, we have pioneered research and thought leadership that sheds light on the way we work, and in particular helps us understand the trends, elements and tools that contribute to productive and satisfying work lifestyles.

Remote, mobile and home-based working has been around for a while, but still there are nagging questions that remain to be answered about the ideal mix of traditional office vs. remote work. So, we set out to seek new answers and insights in our latest ‘The Way We Work 2.0’ research study, conducted recently by Unify.

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Bits, bricks and behavior: I first heard about the “New Work triad” during a speech that Markus Albers, a consultant and influencer in this space, gave at the Factory. The Factory is one of an explosively growing number of coworking spaces and innovation communities here in Berlin, that are collectively hosting disruptive new businesses like SoundCloud or Tesla, established corporates and SMBs like Daimler or Triumph-Adler, and an eclectic mix of freelancers, startups, writers, public servants, and innovators.

Over the past years, contributors from our own Circuit product, marketing and sales teams have been using coworking spaces like the Factory, St. Oberholz, WeWork and others as our flexible offices, for internal workshops or customer meetings. As a result, we were able to get feedback on our product from a new audience, build relationships with potential new channel and media partners, explore new workplace settings with our customers, offer mentorship to startups, change the perception of Unify as a disruptive technology provider, and generally keep the pulse on innovation.

I want to share our thinking and insights on why we‘re coworking with Circuit team collaboration on a higher level, and how bits, bricks, and behavior need to come together for a successful digital workplace strategy. Read more ›

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Can fewer meetings lead to better collaboration?

Three new ways to foster collaboration without more meetings.

A colleague shared a recent study with me. It said that most employees feel that many meetings they attend are unnecessary and/or unproductive (what a surprise). But it got me thinking, since working remotely and participating in more and more virtual teams, I seem to have noticeably fewer scheduled meetings and conference calls to attend. At face value, this seemed counter-intuitive. Yet I have never felt more connected in terms of working collaboratively with my colleagues across many extended teams.

You could argue that the central point and purpose of “meetings” in the general sense is to foster communication and collaboration. So how could this sense of change be explained? How can distributed teams stay connected and on-track without all those scheduled meetings to hold things together? Read more ›

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Is this one of those tipping points where new trends come to the fore — having a significant and increasing impact on how we interact, work and play? Beyond the continuing impact of social, mobile and cloud, the horizon glitters with new opportunities (and perhaps threats) from artificial intelligence, bots (software and hardware), the internet of things (IoT) and more.

Be prepared. Listen to Unify’s Top Predictions for 2018 podcast with Unify’s experts Tim Bishop and Ross Sedgewick. Read more ›

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